{Sharing my weekend with Karen over at Pumpkin Sunrise, always such a delightful place to visit}

This weekend was much needed and with an extra day {today} tagged on, too! That extra day makes all the difference, every weekend should have one.

We haven’t really done a great deal, staying around the house mostly and walking locally with Trevor. We do live close to a stunning park {I am pretty sure I have mentioned that before} for which I am so grateful. It’s a real dog walkers park and we meet all kinds of lovely creatures {and their people}. I particularly love the park in autumn, I cannot wait for all the trees to turn from green to shades of orange and brown, what a delight it is!


My son got his exams results last Thursday and he has done really well, I am so proud I could burst. He is really happy and excited about starting college next month. How wonderful it is to be 16, all your life ahead of you and a million new experiences to discover…


I hope your weekend has been a good one and I wish you a very lovely week.

Until next time…




weekends 17 April 2016

{Sharing my weekend with Karen at Pumpkin Sunrise, always a warm and lovely place to visit}

This weekend {as planned/hoped} has been a quiet one. Sometimes, with the busyness of life, you just need to sit back and recharge your batteries a little.

While shopping yesterday, I decided to purchase a Bee House {all creepy crawlies welcome too!}. I have been thinking of buying one for a while and am very excited to see who {what} decides to take up residence. 

Today, I have thoroughly enjoyed the bright blue skies and sun {despite there still being a chill in the air}. Just watching Trevor laying there says it all, live in the moment…enjoy the warm spots while they last.

This weekend I can really feel the hope that spring brings. Do you feel it too?

Wishing you a lovely week ahead xx


weekends 10 April 2016

{Sharing my weekend with Karen at Pumpkin Sunrise, always a warm and lovely place to visit}

Some weekends are slow to unfold with hours idly going by at their own pace and some seem to be over before you know it. Mine has been the latter, but no matter it has been enjoyable all the same. How was {is} yours?

Yesterday my husband and I took Trevor to doggy training classes and it was, well, interesting. Initially he wanted to pick a fight with every dog in the place, including the trainers beautiful Border Collie {luckily she was very laid back about it}. Overall though I think this is going to be a good thing for Trevor, he is a terrier and they do have a tendency to think they are ‘it’ with other dogs, so hopefully we will be able to educate him otherwise. Watch this space.

Today, as promised, has been beautifully bright, so some garden tidying has been done, ironing, dog walking and pottering around the house. Truth be known I had plans to get loads more done, but it doesn’t seem to have worked out that way.

Anyway, time to dry my hair and get ready for the second part of a new series called ‘The Durrells’, last week’s was excellent, so I cannot wait!

Wishing you a great week ahead, whatever it holds, Jane x



048This weekend, Winter arrived and planted itself firmly in the middle of Autumn. With temps at zero and a biting wind, thick coats have been worn, scarves and gloves too and the cold brought a whole new meaning to the words ‘cosy’ and ‘home’.

It is this time of year when I feel most grateful for a roof over our heads, warmth, food in our bellies and when I simply cannot begin to imagine how life is without these basic things.

I feel grateful this weekend too, for our good old NHS, without which, my dad would not be recovering well in hospital from knee replacement surgery. He is so resilient, looks really well and has made friends with everyone on the ward!

I also appear to have been infected with Christmas spirit this weekend and I am very much looking forward to time off with my family and a few nights out with friends over the coming weeks. Gifts {not all} have been purchased and I cannot wait to get the decorations out from the loft. Are you looking forward to the festive season? What is your favourite part?

My favourite things are twinkle lights, looking at all the decorations we have bought over the years {and the memories they hold} and of course time with loved ones.

I hope you have had a lovely weekend and wish you a great week ahead!

Sharing my weekend with Karen at Pumpkin Sunrise, such a warm and lovely place to visit.



Weekends 17 18 October 2015

Sharing my weekend with Karen at Pumpkin Sunrise, such a warm and lovely place to visit.

The weekend started with such a wonderful surprise, I wasn’t expecting it to arrive so soon, but Saturday morning brought a parcel {delivered by the most cheerful postman I have ever met!} from my friend, Marija. She had a competition over on her blog a few weeks ago and I only went and won! I was so excited, I don’t win many things {cue violin) and it really put such a huge smile on my face and I tell you the smile got even bigger when I opened my parcel, what an absolutely wonderful and generous prize. I cannot thank you enough Marija!

How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it. ~ George Elliston

The rest of the weekend has been spent mostly at home with dog walks and stuff done around the house. My husband and I went out for a meal and few drinks on Saturday, which was lovely as we haven’t done it for a while. My dad, son and Trevor spent the evening together watching Hancock, which they very much enjoyed.

Today was quiet, just what was needed after a funny old week. The skies were grey most of the day, making being at home that little bit more cosy.

I hope you have had a good weekend, whatever you have been up to?

Thank you {always} for all your kind comments, you people are so wonderful xx




Joining in Weekends with the lovely Karen over at Pumpkin Sunrise.

The weekend has been slow, a really good, necessary kind of slow. Loading in washing, putting away the last of our holiday paraphernalia and not walking very far. We walked A LOT in Whitby, up hills, up steps, up cobbled streets, down to the beach, along the beach…you get the picture.

I am looking after the handsome boy in the picture too, he is a delight and a little monkey all at the same time, which makes him totally and utterly irresistible. I LOVE TED.

My husband and I reached our 19th Wedding Anniversary today, time certainly flies and how young we looked back then. We’ve had good times and bad {like all marriages} but we are still here and happy all these years later with our lovely son, a cosy home and a good life.

Tomorrow I return to work and to say I would rather not is an understatement, but work I must, so that is that.

I do hope your weekend has been a lovely one and I wish you a happy week ahead.


A t   t h e  ‘ H o p’

Weekend 11 12 July 2015

Sometimes working at the weekend just doesn’t feel like work!

This is he second Vintage Hop my colleagues and I have organised and it was absolutely fantastic…even the weather was kind to us! It was so good to see everyone tapping their feet to the music, browsing the vintage market and enjoying the vintage vehicles. There was also a brass band, children’s rides and some great make-do-and-mend workshops which included a tea party too!

My job is not always this glamorous, but I just wanted to share with you a little bit of it that is.

Sunday was spent relaxing and watching the tennis {Wimbledon Men’s Final). What a match that was!

Hope your weekend was good? Wishing you a happy week! xx

Joining in Weekends with the lovely Karen over at Pumpkin Sunrise.


Weekends 20 21 June 2015

Joining in Weekending with the lovely Karen over at Pumpkin Sunrise.

It has been a busy weekend. I worked all day Saturday on a lovely event called Armed Forces Day…the town was full of happy faces, waving flags and the sounds of a Sea Cadet Band…wonderful!

Today has been all about family, with my brother, niece and nephew visiting. They are great kids and my son loves them to bits, so they were a happy trio. We had a lovely sunny walk {yes, Grace…sunny!} and pizza back at ours for lunch. All three fathers {my dad, my husband & my brother} had a great day with their kids!

Now I am pooped!!

I hope you have had a splendid weekend and wish you a happy week ahead, Jane xx


029 Joining in Weekending with the lovely Karen over at Pumpkin Sunrise. This has been a long weekend and by that I don’t mean it’s dragged, quite the opposite…despite the extra day off today, it has flown!

There has been much pottering around the house, a visit to my dad’s, relaxing, reading, drawing {something I have really got into again, much to my delight!}, revision {my poor son, but he has 3 exams after the Spring break}, a visit to a food festival today, which was fantastic…oh the sights and smells. Plus, while there I purchased a lovely plant {in the photo} and had a delicious meal out with my wonderful son {unfortunately my husband has been working all weekend – poor man!}. There has been a lot of Stevie Wonder too…just love him!

All in all it’s been a really good weekend. How was yours?


Red tulips and faraway tree

So it’s Monday, right?? The weekend’s over? Sometimes they are gone before you get to catch your breath. That said, it was a pretty good one…

Saturday was spent shopping and then preparing dinner for friends {we had a great time with lots of laughs}. Our boy went to the cinema with his mates to see the new Avengers film, which is apparently AMAZING! Must get to see it sometime.

Sunday morning, I visited a Vintage Flea Market, which was really, really good, lots of interesting stalls. I purchased a favourite book of mine from childhood; The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton {three books in one for £1 – an absolute bargain!} and a pretty little print of a pear. In the afternoon my dad came round and we had a lovely sunny walk around our favourite park. I know he misses my mum by his side, but I like to hope I am making things a little easier for him.

I hope you had a sunny weekend, Jane.

Joining in with Weekending with Karen over at the wonderful Pumpkin Sunrise.


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