029 Joining in Weekending with the lovely Karen over at Pumpkin Sunrise. This has been a long weekend and by that I don’t mean it’s dragged, quite the opposite…despite the extra day off today, it has flown!

There has been much pottering around the house, a visit to my dad’s, relaxing, reading, drawing {something I have really got into again, much to my delight!}, revision {my poor son, but he has 3 exams after the Spring break}, a visit to a food festival today, which was fantastic…oh the sights and smells. Plus, while there I purchased a lovely plant {in the photo} and had a delicious meal out with my wonderful son {unfortunately my husband has been working all weekend – poor man!}. There has been a lot of Stevie Wonder too…just love him!

All in all it’s been a really good weekend. How was yours?

12 Replies to “Weekends”

  1. Hi Jane, lovely plant, it’s always good a extra day of weekend, not holiday for us in Canada, but I can’t complain, yesterday was a lovely Sunday, lots of sunshine, and I spent most of the day outside, on the deck or at the park in the evening. I’m planning to start a little herb garden soon, a tiny one, this year I can’t take care of a big one, still some trouble with my arm. Have a great week!

  2. What a fun weekend, Jane! Ours was busy as well. We had friends over for dinner on Saturday and on Sunday I went to a bachelorette party while my husband golfed with friends. We spent today looking at land to buy; Rob hopes to retire within five years and when he does we would like to build a new house on a piece of land with a view of the mountains. Have a great week! xx

    1. It was a good weekend, Karen. I know, poor kid, he is getting a bit stressed, but they will be over in a week or so and then he doesn’t have anymore until next year, which is good!! xx

  3. Such a very pretty plant, Jane, do you know what variety the flowers are? Can’t believe another weekend is almost upon us. Time flies when you’re buried up to your armpits in CSS on the blog!

    Hope things are going well for the exam kid 🙂

    1. It is so lovely, Ellie…it should be going outside but I might leave it on the windowsill a bit longer. I think it said Gypsophila on the stall when I bough it, it must be a different variety than the usual stuff in florists.

      Hasn’t this week flown, it’s scary how fast this year is going. In my job we are always planning events way in advance, I had a meeting today to discuss Christmas!! Give yourself a break from the CSS you will be dizzy with it! Exam kid has an assistant (me) to help with revision and he seems to be getting on okay with it…3 science GCSE exams over the next few weeks, but it means less next year.

      Do you have any plans for the weekend? Not sure the forecast is any good for tomorrow or Sunday but I think Saturday is going to be sunny : ))

  4. Saturday should be quite good down here in The Chilterns – hopefully sunny if the weather men have it right! Sunday not so good 😦 Just having a relaxing time this weekend, Mr D has been up around your neck of the woods for a few days on business, so he’ll enjoy spending time at home. How about you, more revision assisting?

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