We have strayed onto a different path lately…it’s one we have trod before, we know it, but still, it’s a little bumpy. Life does this every now and then and we either go with it or fight it. For now we are going with it, the rhythm of our life has changed, but there is light at the end of the tunnel and we are focusing on that.

So, as Mother Nature surrenders to the delights and changes of Autumn, we surrender to this change of ours.


Inspired by Writealm’s September prompts, today’s is ‘surrender’

Writealm’s October prompts can be found here…thank you Amanda for another month of inspiration.



Borrowed cat

One of us


Borrowed cat we love you

We like to make a fuss

Borrowed cat you are not ours

But still, you’re one of us.


Inspired by Writealm’s September prompts, today’s is ‘one of us’



Inside me

there is a stormy sea

rolling and crashing

beneath slate clouds,


making me breathless.


But soon,

peace comes,

as grey skies

turn to ink

and the sea,

now soothed,

sounds like

a lullaby.


My eyes close

and I crumple

into sleep.

Inspired by Writealm’s September prompts for last Friday and today ‘inside me’ and ‘crumple’.

Handful of light

Memories 1



‘Mama, why do you carry a handful of light with you and never let it go?’


‘My beautiful son, I carry it for us, to always light our way.’


‘Will I ever hold it?’


‘Yes, it will be yours when I am gone, but, I will take a small piece with me for my journey.’


‘But, I don’t want you to go.’


‘My darling child, when you need me near, all you will need to do is hold the light to your heart, look to the sky and you will see me shining.’



For my son…my handful of light, always x



Inspired by today’s writealm prompt ‘handful of light’



Night has departed and autumn light slips in through curtain gaps. The house is washed with the new season and a chill wraps itself around peeking flesh. I rise, sure of a fine day, cheered by the prospect of a crisp blue September sky. Downstairs, I flick on the kettle, then open the window to let in some air and with it slips in a sense of change…a whiff of nature preparing.

Inspired by yesterday’s writealm prompt ‘preparation’

Heart strings

August 2014 013

Today has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster…tiredness, sadness and stress all contributors. However, strong feelings are what make us feel alive, yes? The depth of love, sadness at loss, hope for a better day, longing for a better world.

There’s a lot going on here right now, but I wouldn’t swap my life for anything.

Heart strings pulled but not broken.

Writing along with today’s writealm prompt ‘heart strings’



Look up

Look up

Look up to the sky

And see me as I see you


In the passing clouds

And clear blue nothing

In the ancient stars

And the gathering storm


So many skies

A poem for today’s writealm prompt ‘look up’




You whisper

Subtle your approach

My heart opens wide


An attempt at a  Cinquain poem for today’s Writealm prompt ‘ whisper’

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