I cherish, always, the sublime light that paints our dining room wall. It is a simple pleasure but one I truly love. Even with rain the late sun is refusing to be dampened and I am soaking up the quiet beauty of this evening.

The small things matter.

Writing along with August prompts from Write ALM inspired by today’s wonderful prompt is ‘embrace’



August 2014 121

Afternoon, the sky, grey as roof slates

Birds low, mercurial, sensing a coming storm.


Evening, a glorious golden backdrop

The ethereal sky of a new season waiting.

Writing along with August prompts from Write ALM today’s wonderful prompt is ‘thunderstorm’

Fading summer

Faded Hydrangea

Nigella 1

Night-time slowly wraps itself around day. Lamps are turned on and our home, bathed in yellow light, warm and comforting like an old sweater. Late summer; there is a change in the air and my mind drifts to frosty mornings and hot chocolate.

The days will shrink as autumn approaches but there are glorious treats of fading summer. The pink blush of the fruit on our beloved apple tree, the almost-iridescence of fading Hydrangea, the last of the Nigella, pods filled with next year’s blooms, and the colours of the evening sky.

New season, I feel you.

Writing along with August prompts from Write ALM today’s wonderful prompt ‘iridescent’




August 2014 041

Evenfall late summer; the kitchen window open. I hear the swish of the traffic from the front of the house drifting round; dulled, comforting, and I wonder whether they are people returning from work, eager as I always am, to open the door and inhale the sweet smell of home.

There is a coolness in the air and it gives me a thrill; it smells different and I know autumn is waiting. My mind is instantly filled with thoughts of trees turning to burnt orange and umber and crisp fallen leaves underfoot; of scarves and clear-sky September walks.

Autumn, the season of change and impending sleep; I await your beauty.

Writing along with August prompts from Write ALM yesterday’s and tomorrow’s prompt ‘evenfall & frisson




she slips in;

a shaft of light


Limbs stir

as dreams retreat

and night

becomes day.

The world waking

from starlit slumber

and I

in need of tea.

I rise,

with sleep

still in the air

and make my way


Writing along with August prompts from Write ALM today’s prompt ‘morning’


Do not leave me

Do not leave me

Do not leave me

as night-time flees

and the new dawn

brings promise.


This time between

dark and light

where the moon

leaves its shadow.


Do not leave me

in the early morn

when day caresses

the edge of night.


If you must go

then leave at dusk

when darkness gathers slowly

to bind my broken heart.

Writing along with August prompts from Write ALM today’s prompt ‘aubade’



August 2014 001


Unlocking the door after a week away there is a kind of relief as the familiarity of our everyday life greets us and welcomes us back. There is a flow here, a comfort in knowing every nook and cranny and truly loving it. It is effortless, full of us and everything we are and we are so lucky; this is how returning home should feel.

We are back from our week away; tired but happy. Full of fresh air and lovely memories of Lochs, waterfalls, mountains and oh so much green…as far as the eye can see.

We travel and we love it, but really, there is absolutely no place like home…laundry and all.


Writing along with August prompts from Write ALM catching up with August 4th prompt ‘home’

Up the road

doune castle


I have prepared; washing, ironing, cleaning, sorting and now today I will be packing.

Tomorrow we will travel ‘up the road’ to Scotland, we three, for a week of beautiful views, good food, castles, walks in the wilds and paddling in Lochs; we may even squeeze in a visit to the coast. Seven days where nothing else matters other than spending time together (mostly gadget free).

We have many wonderful memories of Scotland already, a place we love dearly, with more to be made in the coming week.

There may not be much, if any, contact with the online world, although I will try to fit in some writing with good old pen and paper.


We’ll take a trip in evening light

to a place we know and love.

We’ll take off our shoes to paddle bare feet

then o’er the water of Bonnie Loch Earn

we’ll watch the sun retreat.



Two subjects I love to write about are memories and nature…they really inspire me, so every Friday I will post either a poem, prose, story or a photograph with perhaps a few words based on one of these two subjects.

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Writing memories and nature every Friday…the kettle is on.

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