Weekends 20 21 June 2015

Joining in Weekending with the lovely Karen over at Pumpkin Sunrise.

It has been a busy weekend. I worked all day Saturday on a lovely event called Armed Forces Day…the town was full of happy faces, waving flags and the sounds of a Sea Cadet Band…wonderful!

Today has been all about family, with my brother, niece and nephew visiting. They are great kids and my son loves them to bits, so they were a happy trio. We had a lovely sunny walk {yes, Grace…sunny!} and pizza back at ours for lunch. All three fathers {my dad, my husband & my brother} had a great day with their kids!

Now I am pooped!!

I hope you have had a splendid weekend and wish you a happy week ahead, Jane xx

7 Replies to “Weekends”

  1. Sunny? Oh, you lucky lady! 🙂 We’ve had some pops of sun here and there but were just graced (pun intended!) with an intense rainstorm; it was raining cats and dogs, literally coming down in sheets! What a lovely weekend you’ve had, I hope your week is just a beautiful! xx

  2. I’m glad the sun appeared ( ours has too!) and that you had cousins playing with your son, my kids were close to their cousin and built lots of good memories. Lovely weekend!!

  3. Hi Jane, lots of sunshine here as well after a week of rain. Your weekend was lovely! Yesterday I went to a park to see the sunset (the longest day of year), it was wonderful, perfect! Have a great summer!

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