A t   t h e  ‘ H o p’

Weekend 11 12 July 2015

Sometimes working at the weekend just doesn’t feel like work!

This is he second Vintage Hop my colleagues and I have organised and it was absolutely fantastic…even the weather was kind to us! It was so good to see everyone tapping their feet to the music, browsing the vintage market and enjoying the vintage vehicles. There was also a brass band, children’s rides and some great make-do-and-mend workshops which included a tea party too!

My job is not always this glamorous, but I just wanted to share with you a little bit of it that is.

Sunday was spent relaxing and watching the tennis {Wimbledon Men’s Final). What a match that was!

Hope your weekend was good? Wishing you a happy week! xx

Joining in Weekends with the lovely Karen over at Pumpkin Sunrise.

3 Replies to “Weekends”

  1. Hi Jane, wow, I can feel all the fun from here. That sweing machine, so gorgeous, I want it! My weekend was great too, sunshine, barbecue…, summer things. Have a great week!

  2. Oh my goodness that looks like fun! I would love to wear a swingy skirt like that. I’ve been swamped with the wedding these days and after next weekend I’ll be facing loads of free time (I think!)

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