here & now…

016…we are counting down to exams. I can hardly believe my son will leave school in 8 weeks, it seems only a short while since his first day there. My, how the past five years has flown!

…I am enjoying the light that spring brings and the way it paints itself on walls and furniture around our home.

…there seems to be quite a lot of waking through the night. Not sure why? I guess these things happen and I am certain it is just a blip {finger crossed}.

…I am reading this book. I am surprised and delighted at how much I am enjoying it. The reviews I read for it were mixed and I was unsure of the subject matter, yet curious at the same time. Halfway in I am finding it fascinating. It’s good sometimes to read outside of your comfort zone. What are you reading just now?

How is your here & now? Really good, I hope.

Sunday silence

Sunday{no. 10}

Capturing the essence of stillness, quiet, peace or contentment {in one image}…

Join me if you wish? #sundaysilence

this week {words & pictures}

this week - friday 22 april 2016

Blues skies have been the order this week causing huge smiles all round…amazing what a bit of sun does for the soul. I hope you have had good weather too?

All in all a good week, apart from a little blip early on, but I stood my ground and that, at least, felt good.

Did you know it was National Tea Day yesterday here in the UK.  Although, it is National Tea Day every day in our house! If you are interested, here is an article from The Telegraph about tea, including instructions on how to make the perfect cuppa by George Orwell {fantastic!}.

It was the last week of this round of Love Notes and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Creating my partners postcards has been fun and receiving hers has been a joy!

I hope your week has been good? Wishing you a great weekend!



here & now…


…the cold chill has been replaced with warm spring sunshine, so nice and so welcome.

…I am proud of myself for standing up for something that I believed was right, nothing earth shattering, but it felt empowering.

…the year seems to be going by so quickly, making it feel necessary to try to cherish every day, even when it is hard.

…I am loving our garden, it isn’t anything special {well, I guess it is to us}, but it looks pretty right now, and it always feels good to have a space to be when the sun shines.

How is your here & now, I would love to know?


weekends 17 April 2016

{Sharing my weekend with Karen at Pumpkin Sunrise, always a warm and lovely place to visit}

This weekend {as planned/hoped} has been a quiet one. Sometimes, with the busyness of life, you just need to sit back and recharge your batteries a little.

While shopping yesterday, I decided to purchase a Bee House {all creepy crawlies welcome too!}. I have been thinking of buying one for a while and am very excited to see who {what} decides to take up residence. 

Today, I have thoroughly enjoyed the bright blue skies and sun {despite there still being a chill in the air}. Just watching Trevor laying there says it all, live in the moment…enjoy the warm spots while they last.

This weekend I can really feel the hope that spring brings. Do you feel it too?

Wishing you a lovely week ahead xx

this week {words & pictures}

this week - friday 15 april 2016

Happy Friday folks and how has your week been?

Mine has been good, work was busy, which I like, we have some great events planned, one of my favourites being the Vintage Hop in June. I feel lucky to work in a job that is varied and interesting. That said, I am always happy when Friday rolls around!

Trevor has learnt a few new tricks this week, he will sit and go down on the ground on command. He has also learnt not to get on the sofa without first being invited {although he does sneak on sometimes…work in progress}. We will be attending his second training class tomorrow morning and I look forward to more good advise.

My dad got back from Portugal yesterday and he has had a brilliant time, I think it has done him good. He has enjoyed some great food, wine, sunshine and lots of lovely walks.

It’s the second week of Love Notes from Jennifer Belthoff, a really beautiful project for anyone who likes receiving snail mail {who doesn’t!}, so if you haven’t already joined up for one of the rounds, I would totally recommend you do.

Not much planned for the weekend here, I hope to read a little, maybe go in the garden, weather permitting. Do you have any plans.

Well, whatever you are up to, have a wonderful weekend!


weekends 10 April 2016

{Sharing my weekend with Karen at Pumpkin Sunrise, always a warm and lovely place to visit}

Some weekends are slow to unfold with hours idly going by at their own pace and some seem to be over before you know it. Mine has been the latter, but no matter it has been enjoyable all the same. How was {is} yours?

Yesterday my husband and I took Trevor to doggy training classes and it was, well, interesting. Initially he wanted to pick a fight with every dog in the place, including the trainers beautiful Border Collie {luckily she was very laid back about it}. Overall though I think this is going to be a good thing for Trevor, he is a terrier and they do have a tendency to think they are ‘it’ with other dogs, so hopefully we will be able to educate him otherwise. Watch this space.

Today, as promised, has been beautifully bright, so some garden tidying has been done, ironing, dog walking and pottering around the house. Truth be known I had plans to get loads more done, but it doesn’t seem to have worked out that way.

Anyway, time to dry my hair and get ready for the second part of a new series called ‘The Durrells’, last week’s was excellent, so I cannot wait!

Wishing you a great week ahead, whatever it holds, Jane x


Sunday silence

Bowl in light {2}{no. 8}

Capturing the essence of stillness, quiet, peace or contentment {in one image}…

Join me if you wish? #sundaysilence

this week {words & pictures}

this week - friday 8 april 2016This week, spring seems to have taken a back seat and invited winter take the wheel for a while, it has been wet and cold…brrrr! That said, everything continues as it should, the forsythia blooming {at last} and the birds are busy doing what they do at this time of year.

How are things in your neck of the woods? Good I hope!

I finished the owl drawing and framed it for my dad. He was very pleased. He is in Portugal for a week with friends, which should do him good, although it is his first time there without my mum, so may feel a little strange to begin with. I am sure the sunshine and good food will help.

My week has been busy and I am so glad for the weekend. Tomorrow we are taking Trevor to some training classes to see if he can feel a little happier around other dogs. We will see how that goes…watch this space.

Nothing much more planned for the rest of the weekend, just a lot of relaxing and Sunday promises good weather, so gardening may be a good idea.

If you fancy a bit of creative writing inspiration, Kim has added April’s prompts.

Wishing you a great weekend and hopefully some sunshine!

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