Spring rain

April showers

The rain was so heavy last night and the wind so strong it woke me from sleep, rap, tap tapping against the window. I {sort of} like it though, when you’re drowsy and all wrapped up in bed.

It’s raining again now, April showers come early, but the Spring earth needs it to quench her thirst. There are leaves and blossom to be grown and the birds need worms to prepare themselves for nesting season. Mother Nature at her best, rain and all.

I hope Monday is treating you well?

#celebratingdailiness with Amanda from The Habit of Being.



This weekend has been filled with family, quiet, reading, a drum exam, revising, a night out with my husband involving chilli and Guinness {love the stuff!}, pretty flowers, a very windy walk, How to Train Your Dragon 2 {brilliant} and just generally staying close to home. I like this kind of weekend very much…just enough to make it interesting, but not so much as to make it too busy.

A bonus for me this week is having tomorrow and Tuesday at home too {massive fist pump moment}.

Joining in with Weekends from Karen over at the wonderful Pumpkin Sunrise.


PinkAs a teen, I found solace in writing poetry,  listened to alternative music, wore a lot of black {not much has changed there then!} and generally was not a very girly girl. Bright clothing has never really been my thing. However, I must admit, I really like pink…my inner teen is cringing as I type.

Now, I wouldn’t wear full-on pink {not that there is anything wrong with it} it’s just that it really doesn’t suit me. However, a dash of pink in the home is such a cheering thing, and when it comes along with a delightful smell too, then that is even better.

What colour is bringing cheer to your home right now?

Have a great Friday!

#celebratingdailiness with Amanda from The Habit of Being.


Today, there is a dirt patch where once there was a trampoline.

I have watched my son, through most of his childhood, bouncing on it, giggling with friends and almost crying with laughter on it…it has been a source of much fun and many happy memories. Taking it down today felt significant, like letting go of such a good part of our lives.

For him it was easy to let go, he has other things to occupy him, and that is how it should be. However, for me, for all parents, these things are a little harder, a little more complicated.

But, although today I had to let go, what I still have, is a son who I love beyond words and who I could not be more proud of if I tried, with or without a trampoline.

#celebratingdailiness and celebrating life, even the tough parts.



Joining in {for the first time} with Weekends from Karen over at the wonderful Pumpkin Sunrise.

My weekend has been a good one. Friday evening was spent with my amazing friend {who is more like a sister to me} eating pizza, drinking wine, chatting and generally having a lovely time.

Yesterday was a quiet day…my husband was working and my son spent time with my dad, while I pottered around the house, tidying and such {with a small hangover}.

Today just seems to have flown by, with more jobs around the house ticked off my list {the dreaded ironing done…YES!}, my son’s English Literature coursework completed, a lovely sunny walk in the park and a visit to see my dad. Walking round the garden there made me feel so close to my mum and also so proud of my dad for how well he is coping without her. Today felt like another step towards healing, and for that I am so thankful.

I hope you have had a lovely weekend and wish you a happy week ahead.



The first day of spring and hope has returned.

It’s been two months since my mum’s death and I see light at the end of the tunnel, for myself and for my dad…for all of us. We can laugh and feel happy without the guilt because we should…my mum would want that.

Life lived with intention, joy and love…that is the way.

Happy Friday and thank you so much for  continuing to visit me here…it means the world. The blogging community is amazing.

Happy spring


Writing with Amanda’s wonderful prompts, today’s is ‘ intentions’.


Felt flower

Remember my post on Monday? Well, this is what I made…


As I wear a lot of dark clothes {black…mainly} adding a bit of colour is always nice.

Brooch 2

Sewing my own accessories is great way to do this and they are a joy to create.



I am feasting on spring and all that she brings. Filling our home with the sights and smells of this most precious season…letting my heart sing with her beauty.

#celebratingdailiness and writing with Amanda’s wonderful prompts, today’s is ‘feast’.





There is great contentment that comes from our morning routine. I get myself ready, then potter, while my boy showers. I make his lunch and gather what I need for work. Then, when he is almost dressed, toast is made {or cereal} and we sit together a while. It is our time…it is comfort and I am so grateful for it.

Writing with Amanda’s wonderful prompts, today’s is ‘comfort’.




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