Day 5…

…of the 5 Day Black & White Challenge.

So, it’s the last day of the challenge and I have really enjoyed it. I have realised that I particularly enjoy the contrast of light and dark that black and white photography gives. Thanks for inviting me Elizabeth!

For day 5 I am going to invite Angie, a beautiful person with a wonderful blog called ‘So Angie Writes’. Angie, I invite you to take the challenge, but please don’t feel obliged.

My last image was taking this morning at work…


Day 4…

…of the 5 Day Black & White Challenge.

I don’t really like photographs of myself (I always look a bit odd) but when doing a self-portrait you have more control over the photograph and what the final version will look like.  So this is me…well, part of me, plus my camera and a bit of overlaying.

Today I am going to invite Emma over at Blu Chicken Ninja to take part in the challenge. She has a great blog and a brilliant sense of humour. Emma, please don’t feel you have to join in, only if you want to : )


Day 3…

…of the 5 Day Black & White Challenge.

PJs drying on the radiator. That boy would wear those things everywhere if he could.

Just flying in before bath and bed…night all!



It’s hard, so hard…especially for him. Watching, as he walks away from our house to go to his (yours…) makes my heart ache. I always hope he’s left a lamp on, so it doesn’t feel quite so empty when he opens the door.

We all miss you.

You’d be proud though. We haven’t allowed ourselves to be dragged under. He’s even used the iron…yes, I know. I did offer by the way, but he insisted he could do it.

Did I say we all miss you?

Life is moving forward, and I know that is a good thing, but it feels so bad sometimes.

Spring is nearly here…I know that would make you happy. We saw the snowdrops in the park on Friday.

Your knitting is still hung on the cupboard door…

…there are traces of you everywhere.


Writing along with Amanda’s prompts, today I used Saturday’s word, which was ‘remnant’.

A challenge

I have been invited by the lovely Elizabeth from Tea & Paper to join in the ‘5 day Black & White Challenge’. Here are the two rules:  (1) During 5 days publish a black and white photo and (2) invite another photographer to participate each day. I am not sure I will make all 5 days, but here is my first offering.

Ellie from Lifechimes, I invite you to take the challenge : )

I am also currently taking part in Michelle’s 28 Moments, which is proving to be both a tonic and an inspiration. I would recommend you take part in the next one, if you can. Michelle puts so much thought and work into the course…it is truly wonderful.

I just love the way black and white shows the light and dark so clearly…


Cloth frog

I love this little fella…I can’t for the life of me remember where I bought him, but he doesn’t half make me laugh. Just look at that grumpy face.






There is such deep kindness in giving,

much joy in receiving.

Knowing they were send with such love

almost makes my heart burst.


Two of my mum’s best friends sent the most beautiful bouquet of flowers this morning…to say this touched me would be a huge understatement.


Writing along with February prompts from Amanda at writealm.



And so begins the healing, with much needed comfort and goodness this morning.


Little blooms

Small Vase of Flowers b & w

These little blooms were part of a bigger bunch, but while the others lasted only a week, these are still going strong three weeks later. They are so pretty and make me yearn for spring. Have a good weekend.


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