Red tulips and faraway tree

So it’s Monday, right?? The weekend’s over? Sometimes they are gone before you get to catch your breath. That said, it was a pretty good one…

Saturday was spent shopping and then preparing dinner for friends {we had a great time with lots of laughs}. Our boy went to the cinema with his mates to see the new Avengers film, which is apparently AMAZING! Must get to see it sometime.

Sunday morning, I visited a Vintage Flea Market, which was really, really good, lots of interesting stalls. I purchased a favourite book of mine from childhood; The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton {three books in one for £1 – an absolute bargain!} and a pretty little print of a pear. In the afternoon my dad came round and we had a lovely sunny walk around our favourite park. I know he misses my mum by his side, but I like to hope I am making things a little easier for him.

I hope you had a sunny weekend, Jane.

Joining in with Weekending with Karen over at the wonderful Pumpkin Sunrise.


Little birds

 Apple blossom~

I love to watch

the little birds

atop the trees

or sat among

the apple blossom;

fresh burst

and blushed pink.


A little Sunday evening poem.

I hope you have had a lovely weekend, Jane.


Tiny shoots


Isn’t it amazing how you put seeds in soil, add water and then a few days later tiny shoots pop through and breath air for the first time. Seriously, even at 46, this never ceases to amaze me.

Then, before you know it, they have grown legs and are reaching excitedly for the sun. I am soaking up what nature has to offer right how…isn’t she amazing.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Jane.




Weekends are wonderful things, aren’t they? Time to recharge our batteries {sincere apologies to anyone who works weekends} do nothing, do everything, bake, make, talk, eat, the list goes on…

I just love them!

Our weekend was filled with simple pleasures…a walk through the park to town for shopping {where we managed to sneak a huge scone in a local cafe}, lots of relaxing, reading, art homework & revision, quality time together, an amazing meal with friends {my friend is a cooking ninja!}, wine and lots of sunshine…wonderful!

I hope yours was just what you wanted it to be.

Joining in with Weekending from Karen over at the wonderful Pumpkin Sunrise.

Opening up


This week has been the start of something, a new beginning.

I don’t feel any pressure, like there is some kind of ultimate goal to be reached, instead it feels that even if I step backwards, it doesn’t matter, that it’s absolutely okay to just start again {and I like that…I like it a lot}.

I have come to realise that it is the intention, the willingness to try to move forward that counts. An acknowledgement that something needs to change…and it will {it is}.

I have also turned a corner in the grieving process and that feel so good too. I feel like a flower that is opening up, the light has really reached me again.

Thanks to everyone over at Intention for 7, each and everyone of you is special and Michelle, you are amazing.




Forsythia 1

How many times do you catch yourself almost holding your breath? I do, all the time. I know my breathing is quite shallow most of the time, so being a slightly anxious type, I also know this is not helpful.

It is hard to always be conscious of your breathing, but I feel this could be the key to a calmer mind and body. The incredibly kind and lovely Michelle has recently given some guidance on breathing as part of her wonderful course 28 Moments {I would wholeheartedly advise joining in the next one…it is amazing} and I did begin a little breathing routine from this. Alas, like many things, life got in the way and I had stopped {silly girl!}.

However, after joining in Intention for 7 {a free and really fantastic course, also from Michelle} she has encouraged me to take up the breathing practice again. This time I am going to try to weave it into my daily life, so it hopefully becomes second nature {I even managed to have a little covert session in the bathroom at work today}.

I am totally convinced that I am feeling the benefits already, as my day has been much calmer than many of late.

Now then…dinner is finished, the pots are washed, I have a spare 15 minute slot…time to breath!

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