Eight am

February 2013 230

Eight am in the morning and the minor whirlwind has subsided. Lunch is packed for my boy, tea has been made, breakfast is being eaten…shoes need a clean and teeth too.

I sip my tea to the clinking of spoon on bowl…glancing at my boy in his new glasses I think how grown up he looks. ‘You look great in your new specs,’ I say. He smiles.

We chat about his school day ahead and how he hates having maths for the last lesson on Friday because his brain is fried by then. I sympathise…maths was never my thing.

‘Time to brush your teeth.’

‘OK.’ my boy says and off he goes.

Looking through the grey gap in the curtains there is no promise of sun, just rain. But, that’s okay it’s cosy and warm inside and there is plenty to be done.

I hear the low buzzing of an electric tooth-brush and wonder how we got such a lovely teenager…I smile.

The last day of January prompt-a-day with write alm; today’s prompt is ‘8 o’clock’

Happy Friday : )




For birdsong

and blue skies

I am longing.


For the sun’s warmth

with no biting chill

I am longing.


For the bright cheer

of yellow blooms

I am longing


For waking up to light

rather than gloom

I am longing.


For the energy

of your newness

I am longing.

January promp-a-day from write alm; today’s prompt is ‘longing’



It has become a need

slowly creeping in.

No matter how thinly I am spread

making time.


I go to sleep

awash with thoughts.

I awake the same

but it feels good.


Urged by my brain;

alive with words.

I write and write

and write.

January promt-a-day with write alm; today’s promt is ‘habit’

Only a few days left of January (really? how did that happen!) but here are February’s prompts over at write alm…I  am so excited to keep on writing into another month : )

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