here & now

029…there are daisies in the grass, reminding me of childhood summers making chains for bracelets and necklaces. Do you remember doing this?

…the apple blossom is in full bloom and by the looks of things we are in for a bumper crop of apples this year!

…I am still enthralled by this book. The relationship between falconer and hawk is incredible and quite moving.

…the sun is shining, it is warm and the windows are flung wide open.

…I am looking forward to meeting up with friends this weekend, always good.

How is your here & now? I’d love you to share…



4 Replies to “here & now”

  1. So lovely, Jane! Your world sounds idyllic here and now! I have spent the past two days in my small gardens, planting perennials and annuals to welcome the warm weather. It feels so good to have the sun on my face! Have a lovely weekend, dear friend! xx

    1. I have a good life, Grace. I try to see that and writing these posts helps. Don’t get me wrong, my life is far from perfect, but seeing the good helps with the not so good. I love that you are welcoming in the warm weather with flowers, that is beautiful. Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend xxxx

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