here & now

img_0234There are twinkly lights, decorations and cards on the mantle {I really must get more of mine written!}.

I am a little tired {I know I will not be alone} but it’s nothing a week off between Christmas and New Year won’t solve…phew!

Thoughts of my mum are popping into my head more frequently, it’s that time of year. She loved having us all for Christmas, even though in latter years I know she found it tiring, but still she loved it. I miss her.

There are lots of festivities to look forward to with family and friends, which makes me happy, but I have to admit that I am also looking forward to some peace and quiet over the holidays!

That’s my here & now, how is yours looking?


Just five things

img_9454Today is the first day of Michelle’s beautiful offering Just Five Things. Even though I am not an avid list-maker, I understand their power and I am looking forward very much to the coming days.

Today’s list-making has the word gratitude at it’s heart, which is such a great transition from participating in Gratitude Week over the past seven day.

Right now I am grateful for…

moving forward ~ candles ~ online community ~ friends ~ a warm home

Have a great Monday x



here & now

029…there are daisies in the grass, reminding me of childhood summers making chains for bracelets and necklaces. Do you remember doing this?

…the apple blossom is in full bloom and by the looks of things we are in for a bumper crop of apples this year!

…I am still enthralled by this book. The relationship between falconer and hawk is incredible and quite moving.

…the sun is shining, it is warm and the windows are flung wide open.

…I am looking forward to meeting up with friends this weekend, always good.

How is your here & now? I’d love you to share…



here & now

009…I have just returned from a lovely walk {and some much needed me time} in the park with Trevor. The evening sun was a delight and it felt so good to be out in the fresh air surrounded by greenery. I love my job, it is interesting and varied, but sometimes being mostly in an office makes me feel a little claustrophobic. The walks feel so necessary sometimes.

…there is a smile on my face as I chew sour jellies and I am reminded of my mum’s face a few years ago when I gave her one to try. Memories are such wonderful things, aren’t they. By the way, she didn’t like them.

…I feel connected with my friends and a need to nurture that, to make more time to see them.

…the shower is calling me and much as I hate washing {well drying and straightening} my thick and unruly hair, I love the feel of it when it is all done.

…the drink I am enjoying most is apple & cinnamon tea.

How is your here & now? I hope it is filled with little gems.

this week {words & pictures}

this week - 12 february 2016

This week has been a wonderful mix of quiet {extra }days off work and the usual routine. I used to work two and  half days when my son was younger, but now I work four days and sometimes I long to go back. I do feel lucky to always have a three day weekend, some people are not so fortunate, I know.

Taking part in 28 Moments continues to delight and inspire, so much loveliness to enjoy there, I am going to have to take part every February now, it makes this cold winter month so much more of a pleasure.

A parcel arrived this week from my friend Grace, she has sent me some note cards with her beautiful artwork on them, I was delighted. She is one talented {and lovely} lady!

I have just spent the afternoon with a great friend of mine, catching up, shopping and eating…one of the nicest ways to spend a few hours {especially when it involves a couple of beers too!}.

Apart from being a little tired, life has felt good this week, a few Spring flowers about the place always helps too.

Wishing you a happy Friday and a great weekend x


Monday {Gratitude Week 2015}


So grateful for…

…a weekend spent with good people including lots of laughter and lovely food {balm for the soul}.

…that first cuppa, without which I am useless and a little grumpy {especially on a dark, wet Monday morning}.

…our warm, cosy home and the way it welcomes me, like an old friend, when I return from work.

…being a part of this lovely week. Thank you Michelle xx

this week {words & pictures}

this week - friday 30 october 2015

One word that sums up this week is RAIN…there has been lots of it. That said, the sun does appear to be trying to make an appearance as I type, fingers crossed.

Despite the rain, it has been a good week, a few extra days off work {always good} and time spent at home. Days in when it’s raining outside seem even better somehow, don’t you think?

Trevor never ceases to entertain, he is such wonderful addition to our family and an absolute confirmation that I am a ‘dog person’, who knew??

Of course it’s Halloween tomorrow, so sweets have been bought and bagged up for the little visitors and a pumpkin is ready to be carved. Do you do anything for Halloween? My son {being nearly 16} is just humoring me this year, but I can’t let go of it…not yet. We are going to watch The Shining…you can’t beat a bit of horror at this spooky time of year!

I am off to see my wonderful friend this evening for a catch up, food and a drop {bottle} of wine and hopefully a cuddle with Ted too!

Wishing you a very happy weekend.

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this week {words & pictures}

this week - friday 2 october 2015

For me this week has gone very fast…how about you? Blink and I might have missed it. I cannot believe October is here already {sure I must say the same thing every year} but really…the 10th month, already? Soon be Christmas at this rate {sorry!}.

We have had foggy mornings and golden-lit evenings most days. I have been fascinated by all the spiders webs on my morning walks, hung with pearls from the damp air. My poor feet don’t know what is happening…I have started the day in boots and ended in sandals!

We have friends coming later for the evening, I cannot wait…the cake you see in the photos is for dessert, it’s an Apple and Double Cream Loaf. The recipe is from one of my favourite magazines, Landscape which is full of wonderful articles on gardening, crafts animals and much more…I love it.

The lanterns you see are from my dad’s {and mum’s} garden, I have some for the house every year…they are a true reminder that Autumn is here and this year a reminder of my lovely mum, in her birthday month.

I do hope you have had a good week?

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this week {words & pictures}

this week - friday 14 august 2015

 ~  w a r m  d a y s  &  g e n t l e  b r e e z e s

~  r a i n

~  f l o w e r s  f o r  a  f r i e n d

~  g e t t i n g  r e a d y  f o r  o u r  h o l i d a y

~  m o r e  b a k i n g  { b a n a n a  c a k e }

a  b a d  b a c k  : (

t h e  c a l l  o f  t h e  s e a

i hope you have had a great week?

i will be away for a while at the seaside, so I wish you a happy friday and a wonderful weekend and coming week.

see you on our return xx

if you would like to share your own words and pictures, then please do. You can either share in comments or link to your blog.

if you are on twitter, you can share there too…use #wordspictures or #thisweek

you can find me on twitter, here… @WSmostlywriting

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