this week {words & pictures}

Cherry ShortbreadWe have entered November a little grey and rainy here, how about you? Some days don’t seem to have got properly light this week. Waking up in the morning seems to be a chore and I am yawning my head off by 7 pm {I am convinced we should hibernate…at least a little}.

The week has whizzed by with Friday arriving before I knew where I was, do you have weeks like this? Nothing exciting to report {unless making shortbread has been moved into the exciting category?} just a week filled with work days and home life, ordinary and yet good all the same {life, even the everyday must be wondered at, yes?}.

Even though I have nothing in particular to tell you, I just like to pop in on Friday and say hello.

If you would like the recipe for the shortbread biscuits {in the image above} it is here. However, I did make a few amendments; I didn’t lay the cherries on top {I mixed them in}, I used salted butter {had no unsalted} and I also rolled the mixture into a sausage shape and cut of rounds {well ovals} instead of rolling it out and putting it in a tray. I recommend making them, they are ‘melt in your mouth’ delicious!

Wishing you a great weekend {my husband and I are away in Lincoln for the night tomorrow, with friends…I can’t wait!}.

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