Monday {Gratitude Week 2015}


So grateful for…

…a weekend spent with good people including lots of laughter and lovely food {balm for the soul}.

…that first cuppa, without which I am useless and a little grumpy {especially on a dark, wet Monday morning}.

…our warm, cosy home and the way it welcomes me, like an old friend, when I return from work.

…being a part of this lovely week. Thank you Michelle xx

15 Replies to “Monday {Gratitude Week 2015}”

  1. Wonderful…I could just copy and paste your gratitudes…mine list could be almost exactly the same. xoxox

  2. Hi Jane, the same here: the first cuppa and return home after work, lots of gratitude for these. I’m joining the gratitude week, but only in Instagram, do you have it?

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