Fading summer

Faded Hydrangea

Nigella 1

Night-time slowly wraps itself around day. Lamps are turned on and our home, bathed in yellow light, warm and comforting like an old sweater. Late summer; there is a change in the air and my mind drifts to frosty mornings and hot chocolate.

The days will shrink as autumn approaches but there are glorious treats of fading summer. The pink blush of the fruit on our beloved apple tree, the almost-iridescence of fading Hydrangea, the last of the Nigella, pods filled with next year’s blooms, and the colours of the evening sky.

New season, I feel you.

Writing along with August prompts from Write ALM today’s wonderful prompt ‘iridescent’



9 Replies to “Fading summer”

  1. Your beautiful photos and writing reminding me of approaching autumn magic and mystery with following crisp, bright winter mornings [hopefully]. Love this ❤

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