August 2014 041

Evenfall late summer; the kitchen window open. I hear the swish of the traffic from the front of the house drifting round; dulled, comforting, and I wonder whether they are people returning from work, eager as I always am, to open the door and inhale the sweet smell of home.

There is a coolness in the air and it gives me a thrill; it smells different and I know autumn is waiting. My mind is instantly filled with thoughts of trees turning to burnt orange and umber and crisp fallen leaves underfoot; of scarves and clear-sky September walks.

Autumn, the season of change and impending sleep; I await your beauty.

Writing along with August prompts from Write ALM yesterday’s and tomorrow’s prompt ‘evenfall & frisson

9 Replies to “Evenfall”

    1. Hi Nina, thank you so very much for your kind words it means a lot! Yes, I am on Twitter as WSmostlywriting : ) xx

  1. You’re welcome 🙂 yes! I have followed you too. Love being around writers and Twitter is another great platform for it!

    1. I smiled so much when I read that you love being around writers because I always just see myself as someone who writes…you have helped me see what I do in a different light Nina and for that I thank you very much xx

      1. I am so elated I was able to do that for you. Yes, that is why surrounding yourself with other writers is important. It keeps you grounded, and, it opens other doors. You are most welcome xxx

  2. Beautiful photo and words to match – love you can feel and smell autumn’s beauty approaching; listen carefully and you can hear her coming too 🙂

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