red and cream

Let’s mark today,

let’s mark every day,

with some small beauty

{or big, if you like}.

Let’s open our eyes and look

{really look}

closely at a flower

or a leaf,

or a loved ones face.

Yes, let’s mark today

with a photo

or words, just three

or three hundred;

about how we feel,

about the coming season,

about anything.

Let’s mark today.

Using prompts from Spiral Spun…thank Kim!

this week {words & pictures}

this week - friday 26 february 2016

Hello and how are you? Good week? I hope so.

First of all I cannot believe it is the last weekend of February. March is just around the corner and with it, hopefully, Spring…hooray! That said, the weather this week has been lovely, lots of sun, but very low temperatures. There was a good frost most morning this week, which I actually quite like. There is something about seeing my own breath that makes me feel like a child again.

I attended a friend’s mum’s funeral this week, it was a lovely and personal service, but incredibly sad all the same. I could put myself in my friend’s shoes just over a year ago and my heart went out to her. As with these things, we had a glass of wine and a lot of laughter afterwards, I think laughing is a kind of relief after a funeral.

My husband and I went to see my son in a music festival last night. It was the longest concert I have ever been to {I thought we might have to bed down for the night at one point} but the band my son is in sounded great and they came second in their category!

It is the last week of 28 Moments and I will be SO sad when it has ended, I have loved every minute…thank you, thank you, thank you Michelle. This week’s theme is home and I wrote this as response to a prompt, so I thought I would share it here too…

Home is where my heart is and where I hold the hearts of my loved ones close.
It is where I have laughed until I have cried.
It is where despair has descended bringing with it darkness, but where light has eventually penetrated.
It is where I nuzzled my son’s milky cheeks, laid him next to me and listened to his gurgling as the sun came up.
It is where we have shouted and silence has come as we thought of our cruel words and then realised how much love we have and the way our lives have been woven together over the years…and how lucky we are.
It is the place where friends come to eat and drink and laugh and be themselves.
It is where my mum was when I saw her last…she loved our home and that makes me so happy.
It is where I feel like me.
It is where a million memories have been made and are remembered, often.
It is the place I fall asleep and know all will be well.
It is HOME.
 Wishing you a happy Friday and a good weekend x

A word with Winter


I had a little word with Winter today and apparently he’s here for a while.

I told him that’s fine, because I know Mother Nature likes to keep a tight ship.

I asked {in almost a whisper} if it was okay to have Spring flowers in the house, cause it’s always best to check these things, and he said, ‘Yeah, sure, why not’.

What a good egg.

Wishing you a bright and happy week, Jane x



Autumn days


Days that bring late-comer blue skies, born out of steel grey mornings and cold winds.

Winds that rise and fall; whipping hair onto pink cheeks and tugging leaves from trees.

Trees soon to be bare as Winter threads its way into the landscape and whispers through open windows.

Windows glowing gold from lamps flicked on as light fades into inky blue and night creeps in just after five.

Monday already? I hope you had a great weekend, whatever you were up to? Mine was oh so quiet and spent mostly at home {which I don’t mind in the slightest}. ‘This week’ will return next Friday, time slipped away last week, so I didn’t get to post.

Wishing you beautiful days ahead xx



The soft light of late August hints at change, subtle, but enough to know that autumn will soon be here and summer will lose her grip.

The flowers are dying, yet still the bees persist and feast on the waning lavender. Plums and apples ripen, ready to be harvested, some dropped and rotting, food for passing bugs and birds. The hydrangea are slowly fading like watercolours run weak with too much water.

Some days we might be fooled, almost believing summer has just begun, but Nature has a way of whispering the contrary quietly in our ears. Even on days that are oh so warm with skies the bluest blue, just wait for the evening, when the sun drops before eight and a chill creeps in through open windows, bringing with it the faintest scent of autumn.

Sharing my words with you, writing along with the August prompts from Amanda at The Habit of Being. I used today’s prompt ‘Soft’.



There was a quiet this morning. An hour where there was no other sound, but the 7 am stillness of our home. An hour with the low hum of the freezer, a light tapping of rain on windows and a grey sky that made me feel safe.

There was a quiet this morning that was treasured. An hour where I could hear my own breathing, where I could sip my coffee and just think my own thoughts to the rhythmic chug of the washing machine.

There was a quiet this morning, an hour that was mine.

Sharing my morning with you and writing along with the August prompts from Amanda at The Habit of Being. I used Monday’s prompt ‘Quiet’.



The ‘big’ fan has been retrieved from the shed and all the windows are pushed wide open. Sandals can at last be worn legitimately and the air con went straight on when I arrived at work this morning. Peaches are being scoffed, salads too.

There is a feeling of winding down…a longing for time off and slow mornings. Thoughts of our holiday in August…I can almost taste the salty air and feel the sand between my toes.

Summer has decided to show up…a little late to the party, but we won’t mention it.

Celebrating dailiness with Amanda over at the lovely Habit of Being.

Gone seven


Heavy clouds have moved in and moved out all day long.

Sometimes staying a while, looming like huge shadows over the day.

Hung and watching me as I pulled out the clothes from the washing machine; threatening rain as I clicked on the drier.

It’s gone seven now and the first of today’s rain has fallen.

Writing with Amanda’s wonderful prompts, today’s is ‘rainy day’. Goodness it’s been a while, but it feels good to write along again.


Pink Peony

In May, the huge buds

tight-packed and filled with pink silk

burst and sing their song


A Haiku for my Sunday Poem. If you feel the urge to join me with a poem, then please do, I would love that!

Wishing you a good week ahead. Jane x

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