5 Replies to “Sunday silence”

  1. So very lovely, Jane. It is so good to see you back on your site again. I hope all is well with you. Any chance you live near London? I will be visiting my daughter beginning October 21st and it would be lovely to see you…xoxo

    1. Thanks, dear Grace. It does feel good to be here again. Unfortunately, I am quite a way from London, but oh if I was nearby I would meet up with you in a shot!! I am good, how are things with you? 😊 xxxx

      1. I am doing well, kind of getting back into the swing of things. I’m hoping to become more active on my blog and with my painting, this year has been such an off year for me, but I am beginning to feel more settled. I’m so bummed you don’t live closer! 🙂 I love that Kate lives in London, so much closer than Dubai, and I am so excited to be going to visit her. My husband won’t be joining us which means I will be able to visit all the artsy stuff that he avoids! 😉 How is your family? Everyone well? xoxo

  2. What a wonderful trip, especially as you will be visiting all the artsy stuff. London is such an incredible place, but I couldn’t live there myself, I like a slower pace of life these days.

    I am good thanks. My father-in-law just finished chemo, so we are waiting for what is next, fingers crossed for positive news. I know all too well that you know exactly how this feels.

    We have being visiting Universities with James which is very exciting. He has to apply to his top choices soon, so I am on personal statement duty, helping him write it for his applications. I have to hide how sad my heart feels sometimes through this process, but mostly I am excited for his future!

    Have a wonderful week ahead, no doubt planning for your London trip! 😊 xxxx

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