The Monochrome Muse

Make a wish

I have been invited by my friend, Ellie, to join her new project, The Monochrome Muse, which you can check out here.

Now, I just love black and white photography, so when Ellie asked me to contribute, I jumped at the chance. There is just something so wonderful about black and white photographs, the nostalgic feelings they evoke, their timelessness and the fact that you are not distracted by colour and instead see the texture, light, tones and shapes, which can be truly magical.

I hope you will take a look and enjoy the lovely images posted over there and perhaps join us?

4 Replies to “The Monochrome Muse”

  1. This sounds like a lot of fun, Jane! Your photo is lovely, it really captures the intricacy of the dandelion! xx

  2. oh that is just wonderful picture, and such a great project. I sense I may be adding that blog to my blogs-to-read list very soon!

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