You called her to you

whispered on the wind.

She came bare-footed

beguiled by your black ink depths,

with the moon and stars

reflected like jewels.

You offered them to her; a crown

Queen of the Ocean

ever yours, even when you roar.

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My hero

Sepia eye

You arrived early, eager to see the world, I suspect. It was a difficult birth, we were both so unwell, and you were tiny, but I knew you’d be a fighter…and you were.

We went through a lot.

But, these years with you have been filled with untold joy.

You never cease to amaze me with your infectious cheerfulness, your sense of humour, which is way beyond your years, and your ability to give love. You have values and so much compassion, even at 14, which makes me so proud. You have taught me things no-one else possibly could, and for all this I want you to know, that you are my hero.


For my son.

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Wild flowers

June 2012 016 edited

I remember the day we planted the seeds. It was hot, for May, and the ground was a little dry from the lack of rain.

Her hands were wrinkled, but still strong, from a lifetime of work. I loved how they caressed the soil as she dug out little troughs for the seeds.

I treasured days with her, she smelled of lemon soap and clean linen. Her hugs were many and that of a bear, despite her age, making me feel safe.

She promised me a patch in her garden after a walk one balmy August afternoon. I’d spotted a field of wild flowers and she saw my face; a spark lit.

Since she passed, some ten years gone, a part of my heart is always dead, until, the wild flowers bloom. Then, on the warm breeze, I smell lemon soap and I feel her there, with me.

Writing, learning and connecting with March prompt-a-day over at write alm; today’s is ‘the stars make no noise’.



As I watch my son constantly growing, learning and looking forward; it is a reminder for me to keep doing the same.

As adults we have a tendency to dwell on the past, but children don’t do this, they are too busy with now. While our past is part of what we are, so is the present and the future too.

So, I want to thank my wonderful son for his constant smiles and happy outlook on life. For getting me through some pretty rough times and giving me the strength and light to survive. I thank him for helping me grow so much as a person, teaching me to love unconditionally, and live in the now. For being my shining star.

I cannot, will not dwell, because my son is growing, moving forward and I want to be there with him.

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Warm milk

I hear the bed creek in the room above me. It’s not the creek of someone turning in sleep, but that of someone who cannot find slumber. I sit, quietly tapping on the iPad…another creek. I rise from my chair and walk through to the kitchen. I take the milk out of the fridge, a cup from the cupboard. Warm milk…your nighttime friend…I take it up to you, knowing it will be welcomed.

I open the door and your eyes squint, the light, bright after an hour of sleepless dark. Of course, you know I have brought you warm milk. You smile a comforted smile and say, ‘thank you, you are kind.’ I smile back as you put your hand on my shoulder and drink. Then, with a warm belly and warm hearts, we cuddle and say goodnight.

You lay back down, ready now, for sleep.

My favourite things

Tiny hands

I sit in my favourite room…it is quiet, apart from the click-click of the heating and my boy laughing upstairs.

I look up from my book and survey this space…

The wooden cats on the windowsill, that everyday, remind me of the beloved and beautiful friend who gave them to me.

Framed and hung on the wall, the piece of sewing created by my son when he was oh so small, reminding me of how tiny his hands were and how hard they must have worked.

Photographs; memories of trips to the beach and people we love.

The wonderful ceramic tile, bought in Portugal, just after we’d eaten delicious cakes from the most beautiful patisserie I have ever been in.

I believe a home should be an extension of what you are, filled with memories and meaningful things that remind you of people you love and special places you have been; your favourite things.

Writing, growing, learning and connecting with February prompt-a-day over at write alm; today’s is ‘my favourite things’.

The star


Once upon a time

a star

fell from the heavens

illuminating our lives.


Bringing more joy

than we dared imagine

its spirit luminous

radiating light.


The three of us together

we shine even brighter

our souls joined

for eternity.

Writing, growing, learning and connecting with February prompt-a-day over at write alm; today’s is ‘once upon a time’.

Our sweet boy, always shining and illuminating our lives, I am beyond grateful for this.

I believe…

Sun and hearts

A simple smile can carry a burdened person through another hard day.

A kind deed can restore faith in human kind for someone who has lost theirs.

Really listening to someone makes them feel heard and ultimately stronger.

Not giving up on someone gives them the lifeline they need to keep pushing on, even when they think they can’t.

Telling someone how amazing they are gives them the tools to make other people feel amazing too.

No-one is perfect but in our imperfection we can learn to be better people.

Telling your child(ren) you love them every day will ultimately help them to show love and emotion.

You cannot mend everything that goes wrong in life but you can try to make the best of the situation.

Love and empathy are the things that make us whole.

You can try your best, but, for some people this is never enough, you have to move on.

Learning to forgive is very hard but a worthwhile pursuit.

Days at the beach should be prescribed by doctors (seriously).

We should all believe in ourselves a little more, even though we may find it hard, I know I do! But, if we can’t convince ourselves then we don’t stand a chance with anyone else. So let’s go forth and be tremendous!!

Writing, growing and learning along with February prompt-a-day over at write alm; today’s (well, yesterday’s) is ‘I believe’.

Jane xx

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