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img_8507img_8492…it is early evening and a chill slips in through the kitchen window reaching me as I tap away on the computer, making me smile. I LOVE AUTUMN.

I noticed earlier the dish I have on the kitchen windowsill filled with little Autumn treasures needs replacements. Yet, despite the conkers being shrivelled, the leaves dusty and Chinese lanterns faded, it has been a wonderful reminder, throughout the year, of my favourite season.

The garden is looking a little dishevelled, but this is what this new season brings. Apples scattered on the grass, too many to ever use, and the Hydrangea has turned a dusky pink which is completely beautiful.

This wonderful season makes me joyful and gives me a longing for something new.

Happy Autumn, dear friends!

Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn. ~ Elizabeth Lawrence

This week {words & pictures}

this week - friday 8 january 2016

Well hello and I hope this, my first post of 2016, finds you well?

How has the new year been for you, so far? Great I hope! Mine has been good, I am feeling positive and looking forward to lots of joy and happiness 2016. My choice word for this year is accept, it relates to so many things in my life and I look forward to embracing it! Have you chosen a word?

This week has seen the return to work, which surprisingly went by very quickly…I did think it might drag after the Christmas break, but it didn’t. It actually feels pretty good to be back to normality, with the decorations packed away and the house a little less cluttered.

The weather around here has been dreadful lately with lots of rain and endless grey skies, but the sun returned today and my husband and I had a lovely walk in the park, with Trevor too, of course. It felt SO GOOD to be outside.

We {my husband and me} have a meal and a few drinks planned tonight, it’s been a while since we went out, so I am very much looking forward to it.

I hope you have had a good week and wish you a lovely weekend, hopefully with some sunshine!

Take care, Jane x


As the new year draws close…

…I wish you all an abundance of happiness, love, joy and all the things that make your heart sing!

I will be looking for the extraordinary in the ordinary, the small things that bring big joy, light, love and happiness.

Giving thanks to each and every person who visits me here, Jane xx

{sharing some of my favourite photos from 2015}

2015 image collage

Sunday {Gratitude Week 2015}

024 - Copy

First of all I would like to say a heartfelt thanks to Michelle for making this week possible x

Today I am grateful for…

…the power of gratitude and how the littlest thing can make a bad day good.

…my son, for the person he is becoming, for the fact he has a voice {and style} of his own. For the way he procrastinates over his art homework, but does it eventually {and does it well}. For all he is and the love he gives…I am so very grateful.

…quiet Sundays.

…the need to carry on this practice.

…knowing that life isn’t perfect and doesn’t have to be to make you happy {darkness is always followed by light, this I know}.

Sharing gratitude for seven days as part of Gratitude Week 2015 with Michelle.



Joining in Weekends with the lovely Karen over at Pumpkin Sunrise.

The weekend has been slow, a really good, necessary kind of slow. Loading in washing, putting away the last of our holiday paraphernalia and not walking very far. We walked A LOT in Whitby, up hills, up steps, up cobbled streets, down to the beach, along the beach…you get the picture.

I am looking after the handsome boy in the picture too, he is a delight and a little monkey all at the same time, which makes him totally and utterly irresistible. I LOVE TED.

My husband and I reached our 19th Wedding Anniversary today, time certainly flies and how young we looked back then. We’ve had good times and bad {like all marriages} but we are still here and happy all these years later with our lovely son, a cosy home and a good life.

Tomorrow I return to work and to say I would rather not is an understatement, but work I must, so that is that.

I do hope your weekend has been a lovely one and I wish you a happy week ahead.

Cool breezes and cotton skirts


I am enjoying these summer days. After a dark and incredibly sad start to the year, the long days are suiting me, even more so knowing I will be at home a lot more over the coming weeks and a week at the seaside to look forward to.

I am enjoying the cool breezes. The blue skies that intermittently cloud over with grey, threatening rain that never really comes…just maybe a few spots here and there.

I am enjoying feeling freer. Sandals and cool cotton skirts are my summer getup,  I love the unrestricted feel of these clothes…especially on the really warm days.

I am enjoying our garden. The unplannedness {is that a word?} of it, watching the birds enjoy it and bees too. I really treasure our outside space.

I am enjoying summer despite a deep love for spring and autumn. I guess life is too short for a favourite season and each one should really be savoured.

What are you enjoying about summer?


Weekends 20 21 June 2015

Joining in Weekending with the lovely Karen over at Pumpkin Sunrise.

It has been a busy weekend. I worked all day Saturday on a lovely event called Armed Forces Day…the town was full of happy faces, waving flags and the sounds of a Sea Cadet Band…wonderful!

Today has been all about family, with my brother, niece and nephew visiting. They are great kids and my son loves them to bits, so they were a happy trio. We had a lovely sunny walk {yes, Grace…sunny!} and pizza back at ours for lunch. All three fathers {my dad, my husband & my brother} had a great day with their kids!

Now I am pooped!!

I hope you have had a splendid weekend and wish you a happy week ahead, Jane xx

Felt and buttons

Tonight, I feel the urge to sew. I don’t do anything particularly fancy, just working with felt and buttons {oh, how I love buttons}. I like to make brooches and it’s been a while…


#celebratingdailiness with Amanda from The Habit of Being.


If there is one thing I have learnt in my life, it is the value of smiling and laughter, and their ability to turn a bad day into a good one.

Sending a smile your way today : )

Laughter is inner jogging ~ Norman Cousins

#celebratingdailiness with Amanda from The Habit of Being.


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