Writing the darkness

building 1

You were there but I could not reach you; your world overshadowed.

I brought you sunshine but it was just too dark for you to see it.

I threw you a rope but your body was too weak to catch it.

I had to walk away because the crevasse between us was just too wide.

I wondered, do I build a bridge or just wait for you to make your way back, somehow?

You retreated with your selfish companion, but I knew, if you could, you would have stayed with us.

I saw this and I understood but it was so hard.

While you were gone I had to keep moving.

I could not simply stop and await your return because there is not only us.

I missed you.

I was treading water and no-one else could see my legs flailing beneath the surface.

But, I knew you would come back, you always do.

I love you; it’s the darkness I hate.

Writing along with February prompt-a-day over at write alm; today’s is ‘write the darkness’.

It is hard being the light in someone’s darkness but harder still to be in the darkness waiting for the light.

Have a great Sunday.

Jane xx

First things first

first things first 1

This humble drink.

My morning friend.

Kick start to the day.

First things first;

the thing I NEED

My lovely cuppa tea : )

Tea is such an inherent part of my life and the British culture. From my beloved and utterly necessary first morning cuppa to cream tea on a day out, it is what we do.

Tea is a problem solver, a comforter, a start to the day as well as an end, a winter warmer and a summer refresher.

I have such fond memories of my Nan serving tea always in china cups and saucers, and yes, it really does taste better. She made the best Yorkshire Parkin too which goes lovely with a cuppa, especially Yorkshire Tea, my favourite!

I found an amazing website while writing this post so if you are interested in tea why not take a look. The bit that I was drawn to most is the social history aspect of it…social history fascinates me.

The first day of February prompt-a-day from writealm; today’s is ‘first things first’ and what better way to start than with a cuppa!

I hope you are having a great Saturday…there was sunshine here earlier, hurrah, it is clouding over now though. But still, the sun was out!

Jane xx

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