Just five things

img_9454Today is the first day of Michelle’s beautiful offering Just Five Things. Even though I am not an avid list-maker, I understand their power and I am looking forward very much to the coming days.

Today’s list-making has the word gratitude at it’s heart, which is such a great transition from participating in Gratitude Week over the past seven day.

Right now I am grateful for…

moving forward ~ candles ~ online community ~ friends ~ a warm home

Have a great Monday x



9 Replies to “Just five things”

      1. I am doing well, Jane! Gearing up for the holiday madness. I’m so thankful for Just Five Things, it will help me to stay focused on what’s important! xoxo

  1. Yes to those five things. I’m so thankful for our warm home and the friends that the online community has brought me (you included). I love candles too (I wrote a short story recently about a candleholder!) and moving forward is good, although I do miss the summer and kind of wish to be able to go backwards sometimes too… Hope you have a good week ahead of you. 🙂

    1. I am thankful for you too, Marija. Candelight is so special. My son says he wants to live in a small cottage when he is older, lit only with candles, which I love. Will your candle holder story be published?

      Have a great week xx

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