here & now…

016…we are counting down to exams. I can hardly believe my son will leave school in 8 weeks, it seems only a short while since his first day there. My, how the past five years has flown!

…I am enjoying the light that spring brings and the way it paints itself on walls and furniture around our home.

…there seems to be quite a lot of waking through the night. Not sure why? I guess these things happen and I am certain it is just a blip {finger crossed}.

…I am reading this book. I am surprised and delighted at how much I am enjoying it. The reviews I read for it were mixed and I was unsure of the subject matter, yet curious at the same time. Halfway in I am finding it fascinating. It’s good sometimes to read outside of your comfort zone. What are you reading just now?

How is your here & now? Really good, I hope.

7 Replies to “here & now…”

  1. Hi Jane! Isn’t it amazing how fast they grow? Where will your son be attending school next year? How is he feeling about graduation? My niece graduates as well and she has pretty well zoned out for the rest of the school year. 🙂

    I’m reading The Great Spring by Natalie Goldberg. It’s very good! I hope your week is going well! xx

    1. Hi my lovely friend! It has flown, Grace. James leaves school in June then starts 2 years of college to do A-Levels and then after that hopefully university. He is very excited about college, he thinks it will be a lot more grown up and he will be studying music and music technology which he cannot wait for! I will have to look your book up, I like recommendations. Enjoy the rest of your week. Take care and much love xx

  2. ah Jane, how time has flown! Hope your sleeping settles soon, if it’s any comfort my recent bout has resolved and I feel all the better for it, so hopefully you will be back to restful evenings soon. I’m still reading All the Light We Cannot See but hoping to finish it soon after a few months with it sat on the bedside table! x

  3. I had this book in my hands several occasions but I didn’t buy it, well let me know how it goes, maybe next time. Kids grown and leave us, we did the same with our parents, it’s difficult but I’m learning to accept it, my older son has more 2 years of high school and I’m trying to accept it, it will be ok.

    1. It does us good to get out of our book comfort zone! I am very excited for my son, life awaits him and I am sure he is going to embrace every bit! Have a lovely week, Karen xx

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