sunday silence

002{no. 7}

Capturing the essence of stillness, quiet, peace or contentment {in one image}…

Join me if you wish? #sundaysilence


8 thoughts on “sunday silence

  1. Jane, what a lovely shot! Is that an owl you are sketching? It’s lovely. I wish you showed us more of your artwork! Have a beautiful Sunday! xx

    1. Thank you Grace! It is an owl, yes. My dad has asked if he can have it when it is finished, so I said of course and that I will frame it for him. I guess I am a little shy with showing what I draw, as I never feel they are good enough. Happy Sunday, my dear friend xx

      1. Jane, you shouldn’t be so shy, even seen at an angle it is clear that your work is lovely! What a wonderful gift for your dad! xx

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