Sunday silence

018{no. 6}

Capturing the essence of stillness, quiet, peace or contentment {in one image}…

Join me if you wish? #sundaysilence


9 thoughts on “Sunday silence

  1. Yes – Enjoying the stillness and contentment but I don’t know how to do quiet very well, have the music on but I am playing oldies so it’s still peaceful 🙂 Enjoy your sunday!

    1. There is contentment in music for sure. Just listening to some here and feeling very relaxed. Enjoy your oldies and have a great Sunday, too. Thanks for visiting : ))

  2. I love the handle of your cup, Jane! It is so pretty! I hope you have had a lovely Easter! We just finished hosting Easter Brunch and now everyone (except yours truly) are taking their afternoon naps. 🙂 Sending you love on this beautiful day! xx

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