here & now…


…the mornings {even at 7 am} feel like day has begun, rather than night ending and arriving home in the evening with daylight is like a gift.

I love the promise of this time of year, the coming out of darkness, the shedding of layers and the hope it evokes.

I love the quiet company of the blackbirds, hopping on bushes as I walk by, or watching me from the apple tree.

Yes, here & now winter is retreating, giving way gracefully to a new season…

How is your here & now?

6 Replies to “here & now…”

  1. So lovely, Jane! Your mention of the blackbird called to mind one of my favorite Beatles’ songs! 🙂 My here and now consists of taking care of the patient, who doesn’t seem to like it when I am out of his sight! I think I am going to have to be patient with this patient. 🙂 He is doing well, in a lot of pain but it has only been four days. I told him he needs to rest and let his body heal. Enjoy your week, my dear friend! xoxo

    1. One of my favourite Beatles songs too! It really is early days for a back operation, but when you are used to being up and about if can be frustrating. I am certain you are being a lovely nurse! Wishing you a lovely week too and a little time to yourself. Take care, dear Grace xxxx

  2. The old man winter is saying good bye and let the path open for the lady spring, lots of changes in the air. The birds are having a party as well, busy and happy around here too.

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