7 Replies to “Sunday silence”

  1. Hi Jane, seems we had the same idea for today; writing, journaling. It’s a raining day here, so nothing better than be at home enjoying some quiet time. Have a wonderful week!

    1. Hi Elizabeth, so happy you have joined in again, so nice to have your lovely company. Glad you have has some quiet time journalling and writing. Have a great week too! xx

  2. Jane, what a lovely image! What were you sketching? Will we get to see? 🙂 Have a lovely week, dear friend! xxxx

    1. Hi Grace, the sketching is my son’s never ending art homework, bless him. He has his final piece sessions next week and will be very glad when they are over! I had a little play, nothing worth sharing though! Have a great week ahead too xx

    1. More my son’s work than mine. I dabbled but didn’t like the result. I must make more time to draw though! Hope you are feeling better and have had fun with your daughter. Have a great week ahead, Karen xx

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