here & now…


…I am noticing more and more signs of Spring, the Blackbirds are busy, how I love to watch them tugging on worms fresh from the earth.

Days are lengthening and I am leaving to and returning from work in light…joy upon joy!

Though the days are still cold, there is that tingle in the air, a sense of newness. Do you feel it too?

28 Moments has come to an end, I am incredibly sad, but hugely grateful for its wonderful company throughout February and thanks to you Michelle for this beautiful offering.

Right this moment as I type I am tired and oh so ready for bed {and oh so grateful for that bed} so I will say goodnight with the hope that your here & now is treating you well.

P.S. If you fancy a bit of creative inspiration, why not pop over to Spiral Spun for March prompts.






6 Replies to “here & now…”

  1. Hooray for light and hints of spring! Your tulips are lovely. I am noticing signs of spring as well, and it cheers me! Have a wonderful week, Jane! xx

  2. Hi Jane, I’m in bed as well, cozy here checking few posts. No signs of spring here yet, lots of snow, but the days are getting longer for sure. Have a great night, or better a great day!

  3. I snagged those prompts yesterday, isn’t she sweet to do them?? I love how you are gathering up the spring moments and writing about them here. I am enjoying the birds singing away 🙂

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