this week {words & pictures}

this week - friday 26 february 2016

Hello and how are you? Good week? I hope so.

First of all I cannot believe it is the last weekend of February. March is just around the corner and with it, hopefully, Spring…hooray! That said, the weather this week has been lovely, lots of sun, but very low temperatures. There was a good frost most morning this week, which I actually quite like. There is something about seeing my own breath that makes me feel like a child again.

I attended a friend’s mum’s funeral this week, it was a lovely and personal service, but incredibly sad all the same. I could put myself in my friend’s shoes just over a year ago and my heart went out to her. As with these things, we had a glass of wine and a lot of laughter afterwards, I think laughing is a kind of relief after a funeral.

My husband and I went to see my son in a music festival last night. It was the longest concert I have ever been to {I thought we might have to bed down for the night at one point} but the band my son is in sounded great and they came second in their category!

It is the last week of 28 Moments and I will be SO sad when it has ended, I have loved every minute…thank you, thank you, thank you Michelle. This week’s theme is home and I wrote this as response to a prompt, so I thought I would share it here too…

Home is where my heart is and where I hold the hearts of my loved ones close.
It is where I have laughed until I have cried.
It is where despair has descended bringing with it darkness, but where light has eventually penetrated.
It is where I nuzzled my son’s milky cheeks, laid him next to me and listened to his gurgling as the sun came up.
It is where we have shouted and silence has come as we thought of our cruel words and then realised how much love we have and the way our lives have been woven together over the years…and how lucky we are.
It is the place where friends come to eat and drink and laugh and be themselves.
It is where my mum was when I saw her last…she loved our home and that makes me so happy.
It is where I feel like me.
It is where a million memories have been made and are remembered, often.
It is the place I fall asleep and know all will be well.
It is HOME.
 Wishing you a happy Friday and a good weekend x

12 Replies to “this week {words & pictures}”

  1. I love, love, love this poem Jane, it evokes such beautiful memories. And, I was so tickled to see you featured for Michelle’s final Thursday conversation…I was hoping you were going to be the final one! 🙂

    I’m sorry to read about your friend’s mom, yes, there is something about laughter (especially when it involves shared experiences) that softens the sadness of a funeral. And your son’s concert…oh, do I remember feeling that way at so many concerts, especially the ones that were held in the school auditorium where we had to sit on wooden bleachers!

    Have a beautiful weekend, dear friend! xx

    1. Thank you Grace, I really enjoyed being part of the Comminity Conversation, I was a little nervous too, but all is well : )

      Oh yes, the seats are never particularly comfortable in school halls, are they!!

      Happy Saturday…I hope you are painting!! xx

  2. I don’t comment on words but when I read yours I always say that this is a real web log. Your writing relax me and push me to go forward trying to improve mine.
    Thanks Jane.

  3. love your words about home Jane, so honest and such wonderful imagery. I hope you have a lovely weekend, and a wonderful week ahead. I can’t believe February is nearly over with, but I shall be glad for warmer days, and not having to defrost windscreens in the morning! xx

  4. Hi dear Jane, yes it’s the end of February, the 2nd months of the year is almost done, and I don’t know what has happened with them. But glad spring is coming, and with her, beautiful flowers and lots of light. Have a wondeful week ahead!

  5. I miss those band events, both of my children did them and I used to be bored or tired or impatient at some point or other. Now I look back and remember the sweet music they produced and how excited there were to be a part of something big. Congrats to your son. Sorry about your friend’s mom, that is never easy.

    1. Over 3 hours in and with temps hotter than a sauna (slight exaggeration) we had really had enough, but what we saw was great. It went on over another hour after we left, so I am glad we went when we did! My son will really miss this part of school, his teacher is an utter inspiration! I know I will miss these concerts when he leaves school, but there is always college to look forward too!! Have a great week, Karen xx

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