here & now…



…I am grateful for a warm house on, what is almost certainly, the coldest day of the year so far.

We have a terribly ineffectual heating system at work, so these Winter days I am doubly happy to get home.

The dog is at my feet, he got wind of a walk {I may have accidentally said the word} so is now waiting patiently…bless him.

We have eaten and the house is quiet, except for the swish of cars driving by, homeward bound no doubt.

My here and now feels good, I am a little tired, but that’s okay because the signs of Spring give hope for an end to these weary Winter months.

How about you? How is your here and now?

11 Replies to “here & now…”

  1. Jane, I am so happy that you have had a good day and are now back home cozy and warm! This has been a very productive day for me. I managed to get some painting done and housecleaning as well! I hope it warms up soon for you; it warmed up 40 degrees F here today. We’ve had nothing but rain all day and it has melted all of the snow! 😦 xx

  2. Two cheers for heat! And tulips too—beautiful photo. I just finished lunch and am settling into an afternoon of work, the sun is shining, life is good!

  3. Hi Jane, I’m at work right now, I had a 3 hours meeting in the morning, do you this kind of meeting that everybody talks and nothing is solved. Now I’m having my lunch and relaxing a little bit, soon I’ll go back to another meeting. My office is cold as well, hoping arrive at home and get a little warmer. 🙂

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