this week {words & pictures}

this week - friday 5th january 2016

It’s a very grey Saturday afternoon as I sit and type, but it feels cosy and that’s always good, right? We have had lots of bright sunny days this week, so I reckoned we were due a bit of rain…I was right.

It’s been a fairly quiet week, but that is no bad thing, I like quiet weeks. Obviously there has been work and we had a meal out with my dad, which was nice {the wine in the photo was kindly donated to me from my dad…he knows me}.

On Thursday my son had an open evening to attend at the college he wants to go to when he leaves school this year {my stomach flipped when I typed that}. My husband and I went along with him and it all looks pretty great. His career goal is something in music {maybe teaching} and the music department at the college seems really good, so it was all very positive. I felt incredibly excited for my son and so very proud of him {I am tearing up thinking about it all} I am blessed, that’s for sure.

Comfort food seems to have been the theme around here this week, lots of baked potatoes, pasta and a homemade cake {not terribly good for the waistline though!}. Food in general has been on my mind, as this week’s subject for Michelle’s wonderful offering 28 Moments is ‘food’. I cannot recommend her course enough, it is such a beautiful way to spend February.

Well that was my week, hope yours was good?

Have a really great weekend folks x

12 Replies to “this week {words & pictures}”

  1. Hi Jane, seems you had a wonderful week, my son soon will be going to University too, I can imagine your feelings right now, being happy and proud, and worried too. It’s a new phase in his life and you want the best for him. Your photos are gorgeous as usual. Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. A quiet, but lovely week, thanks. My son will be going to university in a couple of years hopefully, this is sixth form college to do A levels, he is very excited. Will your son be moving away? We Have our children and can’t imagine these big steps will come…but they do xx

      1. Hi Jane, my son has more 2 years too before going to University, I hope he stays around here, but I’ve heard him talking with his father about some place in USA! Now imagine, another country! Hope he change his mind, it will be very difficult for me. Have a great Sunday!

      2. Yes, that would be so hard, Elizabeth. I hope both our boys don’t stray too far, although I want my son to have the whole experience…an hour to two hours away would be good xx

  2. Jane, it is always such a bittersweet feeling, watching our children take one more step towards independence. You must be so proud of your son! I hope your weekend has been lovely! xx

  3. I’m feeling all warm and cozy, seeing and hearing about your week. So much comfort in your now, and sweet hope for the near future (watching our children sure is something, isn’t it?!).

    {and I’m so very happy to have beautiful you in class for this month. thank you for your kind words and the link}

    1. It is the biggest blessing to watch our children grow and become adults. The letting go is tricky, but absolutely has to be done…sigh.

      You are very welcome for the words and link, February is a lot better for being in the beautiful space you create xx

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