This week {words & pictures}

this week - friday 8 january 2016

Well hello and I hope this, my first post of 2016, finds you well?

How has the new year been for you, so far? Great I hope! Mine has been good, I am feeling positive and looking forward to lots of joy and happiness 2016. My choice word for this year is accept, it relates to so many things in my life and I look forward to embracing it! Have you chosen a word?

This week has seen the return to work, which surprisingly went by very quickly…I did think it might drag after the Christmas break, but it didn’t. It actually feels pretty good to be back to normality, with the decorations packed away and the house a little less cluttered.

The weather around here has been dreadful lately with lots of rain and endless grey skies, but the sun returned today and my husband and I had a lovely walk in the park, with Trevor too, of course. It felt SO GOOD to be outside.

We {my husband and me} have a meal and a few drinks planned tonight, it’s been a while since we went out, so I am very much looking forward to it.

I hope you have had a good week and wish you a lovely weekend, hopefully with some sunshine!

Take care, Jane x


8 Replies to “This week {words & pictures}”

  1. Jane, your pictures are lovely! Are there really flowers blooming? We finally have sunshine after a stretch of rain as well. 😊 Enjoy your evening out, we are doing the same! ❤️

  2. Hello my lovely friend, thank you! Yes, there are snowdrops in the park!! It has been so mild these past weeks. Glad you have had some sun too. Have a wonderful evening, I will say cheers to you when we are out! xxx

  3. Hello Jane, and happy new year. sounds like a lovely first week, and Trevor is a gorgeous as ever. Hope you had a lovely meal last night and a wonderful year ahead. xx

  4. I love your puppy. We have been having rain and I’m kind of tired of it and wish I had snow like almost everyone else in this country. We are managing walks in between the rain. I like your word and may it serve you well in 2016!

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