Sunday {Gratitude Week 2015}

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First of all I would like to say a heartfelt thanks to Michelle for making this week possible x

Today I am grateful for…

…the power of gratitude and how the littlest thing can make a bad day good.

…my son, for the person he is becoming, for the fact he has a voice {and style} of his own. For the way he procrastinates over his art homework, but does it eventually {and does it well}. For all he is and the love he gives…I am so very grateful.

…quiet Sundays.

…the need to carry on this practice.

…knowing that life isn’t perfect and doesn’t have to be to make you happy {darkness is always followed by light, this I know}.

Sharing gratitude for seven days as part of Gratitude Week 2015 with Michelle.

11 Replies to “Sunday {Gratitude Week 2015}”

  1. I love this sneak peek of your son, Jane, and how intently he appears to be working! They grow up so fast, don’t they? It amazes me, even now, to think that all of my daughters are older than I was when I had my first one. I have really loved being part of gratitude week as well. Michelle’s courses are magical, she knows how to help focus on what is really important in life! xx

    1. He was concentrating hard, Grace. Bless him. Oh dear me yes, he has grown so fast {16 in a couple of months}, but I have enjoyed every age. I bet you are an amazing mum with daughters who adore you! Yes, Michelle’s courses are always such a joy. Happy Sunday, my friend xx

      1. I loved when my girls were 16, they are so earnest at that age, aren’t they? Enjoy every moment, Jane, it goes by so quickly! xx

  2. Hi Jane, my son does the same, complains about the homework, but at the end the result is perfect. I’m grateful to Michelle, this project of gratitude is great. Have a wonderful week!

  3. Lovely shot – my daughters are now grown. I miss them all being around, but love the wonderful young women they have become.
    A fantastic list…I love Michelle’s Gratitude Week as well. Hope you have a fantastic week ahead.

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