Wednesday {Gratitude Week 2015}


Grateful today for…

…having the good grace to say sorry {today didn’t start particularly well}.

…flowers, brightening the house.

…the bus being a little late, so I didn’t miss it!

…the connections I have made with such lovely people via my blog {this means so much to me}.

Sharing gratitude for seven days as part of Gratitude Week 2015 with Michelle.


11 Replies to “Wednesday {Gratitude Week 2015}”

  1. I really love this week of gratitude. What has been so amazing about developing these online friendships is how we have formed this lovely circle of friends. It is such a big world out there and yet we still find kindred spirits; it’s magical, isn’t it? I love how you found the positive in a day that didn’t start off on the right foot, Jane! xx

  2. I totally agree, Grace and it is amazing! I LOVE this online community, the friend I have made…it is truly wonderful.

    Even with a bad start, a day has to offer something to be thankful for, it’s there you just have to look a little harder xx

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