this week {words & pictures}

this week - friday 18 september 2015

Well hello and how are you?

I have been a little absent from the blog for a few weeks due to the busyness of life and work…you know how it gets sometimes.

This week has been pretty much recovering from a very heavy work weekend {nearly 40 hours in 3 days…thank goodness it’s only once a year!}. The show went very well, so that makes it all so worthwhile.

We continue to get to know Trevor and he climbs deeper and deeper into our hearts every day…who knew a dog was just what we needed *contented sigh*.

Despite a flurry of wildflowers, September moves on, the mornings bring a chill and the Virginia Creeper is on the turn, what a lovely Autumnal display she bestows us.

My husband celebrated a birthday this week and we are looking forward to a meal out tomorrow at a Cantonese restaurant…it is just such GOOD food there.

I am not sure what the weekend holds {apart from the meal and walks with Trevor}, but I am hoping to include as much relaxation as possible!

How was your week? Good I hope : )

if you would like to share your own words and pictures, then please do. You can either share in comments or link to your blog.

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11 Replies to “this week {words & pictures}”

    1. I think he does have a good soul, Karen…although he does growl a bit at other dogs {may have to rectify this} but not people, he is a people person {well, people dog}. Thank you, we are looking forward very much to our meal out. Have a great weekend xx

  1. Hi Jane, gorgeous photos as usual. 40 hrs of work in 3 days! wow, glad everthing went well. I’m busy too, working full time, taking an online photography course, taking care of the family, it’s good to be busy, but I need some rest too. Trevor is each day more beautiful. Have a great happy Bday dinner with hubby And the autumn is here in full power!

  2. I am having such a good time watching Trevor’s progress! Happy birthday to your hubby, Jane! It sounds like you had a relaxing weekend planned! xx

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