this week {words & pictures} – saturday edition


this week - friday 28 august 2015

this week has run away with me and yesterday i didn’t get a chance to write my ‘this week’ post, so here it is, better late than never.

~  a  q u i e t  h o u r  t o  m y s e l f

~  s u b l i m e  l a t e  a u g u s t  l i g h t

~  m y  n e w  f a v o u r i t e  p r i n t  { y o u  c a n  s e e  m o r e  h e r e }

~  a  f a d i n g  s e a s o n

~  r e a d y  f o r  a u t u m n

~  m o r e  t i m e  w i t h  t e d

~  l o t s  o f  t i m e  a t  h o m e  : )

i hope you have had a great week and are enjoying your weekend?

if you would like to share your own words and pictures, then please do. You can either share in comments or link to your blog.

if you are on twitter, you can share there too…use #wordspictures or#thisweek

you can find me on twitter, here… @WSmostlywriting




12 Replies to “this week {words & pictures} – saturday edition”

  1. Hello, friend! I’ve been enjoying some quiet hours too! Now that the kids are back in school, I am getting some time to myself:) Hope you have a happy, restful weekend! xoxo, Elizabeth

  2. I love that hedgehog cup! I am hoping for quiet day today – Sunday – whether that happens or not is another matter 😉 Take care Jane x

  3. Hi Jane, I need to prepare myself for the fall too, I’m not ready yet. I still want the summer. Your photos are lovely as usual, so soft. Have a great Sunday!

    1. Hi Elizabeth! I know you are a summer lover, you will just have to ease yourself into the new season. I hope you have some more warm summery days before Autumn comes. Thanks for your kind comments about my photos. Happy Sunday xx

  4. Our heat and humidity have returned as well, but I am off for a two day yoga retreat so I am not letting it dampen my spirits. ☺️ I love the print! Have a wonderful week, Jane! xo

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