this week {words & pictures}

this week - friday 21 august 2015

~  g o o d  w e a t h e r

~  l o t s  o f  w a l k i n g

~  r e a l l y  g r e a t  f o o d

~  s e a

~  s a n d

~  i c e – c r e a m

~  s e a g u l l s  { v e r y  v o c a l ! }

~  f i r e w o r k s

i hope you have had an enjoyable week?

we’ve had a really lovely time in whitby, but it was nice to get home this evening and I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed {with no seagulls screaming outside!}

if you would like to share your own words and pictures, then please do. You can either share in comments or link to your blog.

if you are on twitter, you can share there too…use #wordspictures or#thisweek

you can find me on twitter, here… @WSmostlywriting

13 Replies to “this week {words & pictures}”

    1. Thanks, Ellie…we had so much lovely food while we were there, but I now need to return to salads due to an expanding waistline! Those chips in the photo were the nicest I have ever had…they were also huge! xx

  1. Hi Jane, fish and chips by the ocean, nothing better for a vacation. Glad you enjoy your time, but the best part of a vacation is being back home. Have a great weekend and lots of rest, I always say I need a vacation to recover from a vacation.

  2. I am so glad you had a relaxing holiday by the sea! I am like you, as much as I love my vacations I am always happy to return home. I hope you have a tranquil weekend! xx

  3. I love your photos Jane. Glad you had a great time. We had a good time in Whitby many years ago too. I’ve been away from blogging recently but was thinking about you only the other day and hoped that you were doing okay. Best wishes, M x

    1. Dear Marija, it is so lovely to hear from you and I too had thought of you only recently as I hadn’t noticed you blogging for a while. I am so glad to know that you are doing okay. Yes, Whitby is a great place to spend a holiday! Have you had any time away this summer? Thanks so much for popping in and take care of yourself, much love xx

  4. It’s lovely that you thought of me too. 🙂 Yes… we’re doing okay, thanks. We had a week away in Wales (near Tenby) and enjoyed the break from the hectic nature of everyday life! I keep meaning to blog about our holiday and what’s been in my head recently but work has intruded again. Anyway, no doubt I’ll get around to my once-monthly blog post! Take care xx

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