this week {words & pictures}

this week - friday 14 august 2015

 ~  w a r m  d a y s  &  g e n t l e  b r e e z e s

~  r a i n

~  f l o w e r s  f o r  a  f r i e n d

~  g e t t i n g  r e a d y  f o r  o u r  h o l i d a y

~  m o r e  b a k i n g  { b a n a n a  c a k e }

a  b a d  b a c k  : (

t h e  c a l l  o f  t h e  s e a

i hope you have had a great week?

i will be away for a while at the seaside, so I wish you a happy friday and a wonderful weekend and coming week.

see you on our return xx

if you would like to share your own words and pictures, then please do. You can either share in comments or link to your blog.

if you are on twitter, you can share there too…use #wordspictures or #thisweek

you can find me on twitter, here… @WSmostlywriting

11 Replies to “this week {words & pictures}”

  1. Whitby…I am feeling optimistic! We are a bit pale and freckly, so it’s best to be cautious, ha ha! Thanks, really looking forward to the break. Have a great weekend, Ellie xx

  2. We had a wonderful trip to London yesterday, in spite of the pouring rain. I hope it is hot and sunny wherever you’re going – and that sun cream gets lots of use! Have a lovely time. x

    1. There is always something to do in London, even in the rain…glad you had a good time, Kim! Really looking forward to a week at the seaside : )) the forecast isn’t too bad either xx

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