Cool breezes and cotton skirts


I am enjoying these summer days. After a dark and incredibly sad start to the year, the long days are suiting me, even more so knowing I will be at home a lot more over the coming weeks and a week at the seaside to look forward to.

I am enjoying the cool breezes. The blue skies that intermittently cloud over with grey, threatening rain that never really comes…just maybe a few spots here and there.

I am enjoying feeling freer. Sandals and cool cotton skirts are my summer getup,  I love the unrestricted feel of these clothes…especially on the really warm days.

I am enjoying our garden. The unplannedness {is that a word?} of it, watching the birds enjoy it and bees too. I really treasure our outside space.

I am enjoying summer despite a deep love for spring and autumn. I guess life is too short for a favourite season and each one should really be savoured.

What are you enjoying about summer?

8 Replies to “Cool breezes and cotton skirts”

  1. So nice to read of your Summer. I am glad you’re enjoying it. I am enjoying the convection storm that bubble up nearly every hot afternoon. Blessed cool air and raindrops. I am looking forward to Fall. ❤

    1. Hi Angie, so lovely to hear from you! Summer is not my favourite season, but the lightness of it is doing me good. I know you are an autumn soul, a favourite season of mine too. Take care and enjoy that cool air and the rain drops xxxx

  2. glad to hear the positivity summer is bringing, I like your sentiment about not having favourite seasons, I can be guilty of that too!

  3. I’m enjoying that we are getting closer to fall (ha ha). I tolerate the summer and each year I try to look at what I do love. I love the sun, trees, cicadas singing as well as the birds.

    1. Karen, I really love Autumn too, but this summer has been different somehow, I have found more to like. The trees are so lush in summer aren’t they and birdsong, well, you can’t help but like that!

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