So, April has arrived, and today there was definite promise of warmer weather. A walk through the park, this afternoon, saw more people than in recent weeks, which is a sure sign of change {although, I will walk its paths come rain or shine}.

The Forsythia is a bright spot in our somewhat unkempt garden, but with the lighter nights and the trampoline now gone {this still makes my heart ache} I can see how it could look, with a little hard work.

I have bought a pack of wild flower seeds which I am hoping to sprinkle somewhere soon {not being the type to have a formal garden} and shall await excitedly to see what will grow.

Yes, there is promise in April. Winter is losing its last desperate grip and longer, brighter days are in the offing.

I wish you a very happy April, with much sweetness in it.

10 Replies to “Promise”

    1. In all honesty, close up it is a bit crinkly and not so pretty, but for me that is part of its charm. Even though today is grey it brings light to the garden. Have a great Easter weekend! : )

  1. I’m wishing you the most lovely of springs as well, Jane! I am so jealous that your forsythia is in bloom; ours is still just budding. Happy Easter! xo

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