Spring rain

April showers

The rain was so heavy last night and the wind so strong it woke me from sleep, rap, tap tapping against the window. I {sort of} like it though, when you’re drowsy and all wrapped up in bed.

It’s raining again now, April showers come early, but the Spring earth needs it to quench her thirst. There are leaves and blossom to be grown and the birds need worms to prepare themselves for nesting season. Mother Nature at her best, rain and all.

I hope Monday is treating you well?

#celebratingdailiness with Amanda from The Habit of Being.

6 Replies to “Spring rain”

  1. Such a great shot, Jane, it is a great companion to Michelle’s Monday post. Yes, it is raining here as well. An ocean away and yet we are sharing the same weather! 🙂 xo

    1. Michelle’s photo on Monday was so beautiful! Isn’t it funny how far away we are from one another, yet it has been raining on us both. I like that…it’s sort of a nice connection xx

  2. Beautiful photograph. I know what you mean about being snug in bed when it’s raining and blowing a gale outside. Lovely to be in the warm but I can’t help but think of folk outside in the bad weather… Hope you’re looking after yourself. xxx

    1. Thank you Marija! I always think of people struggling with homelessness when the weather is bad outside…I can’t even begin to imagine how hard that must be.

      I am looking after myself…keep having the odd wobble and feeling a little bit low at the moment, but I guess that is natural as I am missing my mum. Time is a great healer, I am sure of that.

      Do you have any plans for Easter?

      Take care J xx

      1. Oh Janey, the odd wobble is so very much a part of the normal grieving process. It doesn’t make it any better though, knowing it’s normal, I mean. Just keep on being gentle with yourself. Sending lots of hugs to you xxx
        p.s. no big plans for Easter. Just some rest and some work, no doubt. Take care.

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