PinkAs a teen, I found solace in writing poetry,  listened to alternative music, wore a lot of black {not much has changed there then!} and generally was not a very girly girl. Bright clothing has never really been my thing. However, I must admit, I really like pink…my inner teen is cringing as I type.

Now, I wouldn’t wear full-on pink {not that there is anything wrong with it} it’s just that it really doesn’t suit me. However, a dash of pink in the home is such a cheering thing, and when it comes along with a delightful smell too, then that is even better.

What colour is bringing cheer to your home right now?

Have a great Friday!

#celebratingdailiness with Amanda from The Habit of Being.

8 Replies to “Pink”

  1. Oh Jane, I love a touch of pink as well! As for me it’s yellow, especially yellow tulips. 🙂 Have a glorious weekend! xx

  2. I never wore all black but I did like to listen to sad music and write in a journal. I remember feeling torn feelings all the time and little problems felt big. I like neutrals in my home with pops of color. Sometimes blue, sometimes yellow, I really change what I like.

  3. Hi Jane, I love your new header, simple and powerful. I can’t imagine I dressed in full pink, but I like pinkish scarf during the winter, everything so grey around, we need a little pink to warm up. This time of the year I love yellow, not to wear it, but to have around me, like a flower, a vase…, your pink flower is lovely!

    1. Thank you Elizabeth, I am pleased you like the header! Pink accents are fine for me too, a scarf is lovely! I too love yellow flowers, but seem to have had a few pink ones lately. A dash of colour is certainly needed when it is grey outside…we have heavy rain at the moment. Happy Monday to you! J xx

  4. I have not done much lately to add a pop of Spring color… your post makes me want to get outside and cut some flowers! Some yellow Forsythia would be so nice in our kitchen!

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