Today, there is a dirt patch where once there was a trampoline.

I have watched my son, through most of his childhood, bouncing on it, giggling with friends and almost crying with laughter on it…it has been a source of much fun and many happy memories. Taking it down today felt significant, like letting go of such a good part of our lives.

For him it was easy to let go, he has other things to occupy him, and that is how it should be. However, for me, for all parents, these things are a little harder, a little more complicated.

But, although today I had to let go, what I still have, is a son who I love beyond words and who I could not be more proud of if I tried, with or without a trampoline.

#celebratingdailiness and celebrating life, even the tough parts.


7 Replies to “Trampoline”

  1. Jane, I know just how you feel. It is the small things like these – the dismantling of a trampoline, the packing away of the crate of Barbie dolls – that mark the passage of time. We can’t stop our children from growing, can we, it is our first lesson as parents in letting go. xx

  2. bitter sweet when they grow up and pieces of the childhood are packed away. Mine are grown but their rooms are as they left them. My adult daughter should be packing up and taking most of her stuff when she moves….I think.

    1. It really is bittersweet, Karen. He is such a joy {sometimes argumentative these days…putting that down to being 15} but that trampoline has been worth it’s weight in gold! Could your potentially soon-to-be-emptied room become a new craft space?? : ))

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