There is great contentment that comes from our morning routine. I get myself ready, then potter, while my boy showers. I make his lunch and gather what I need for work. Then, when he is almost dressed, toast is made {or cereal} and we sit together a while. It is our time…it is comfort and I am so grateful for it.

Writing with Amanda’s wonderful prompts, today’s is ‘comfort’.




12 Replies to “Comfort”

  1. It’s funny, in the morning my boys are so grumpy, I prepare their breakfast and talk as little as possible with them. Our cozy and comfort time is at night, they come to my bed and we talk about the day, our plans…., but morning no, it’s a dangerous time around here, eveybody stressed and in hurry.

  2. What a lovely morning routine, Janey. I’m trying to recall ours from when the girls were young and, like Elizabeth, I recall it being chaotic…at least once they were all in school and I was working full time. We DO have fond memories of pre-school years when I would wake them in the morning with two poems and a song. 🙂 xo

    1. I just try to make the start of the day as calm as possible, otherwise the grumps creep in for the rest of the day. There are some mornings when it can be a little more fraught, especially if I go to bed a little late the night before ; ) Your two poems and a song sounds so delightful, what a wonderful way to be woken up xx

      1. My two younger girls loved them, my older one not so much, LOL! She mostly gave me the hairy eyeball!

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