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  1. Oh Jane, I so want to love sewing the way you do! The idea of making a quilt intrigues me, but I already know it would never be completed, my mind is so scattered. I’m like a golden retriever when it comes to crafty things: “Oh! This will be fun! Oh! Look here, needlepoint! Oh!…” I think I have three uncompleted projects right now, one that I began 10 years ago, LOL! The only thing I have managed to be consistent about is my blog. I love your little pincushion, it’s divine! Sending you love! xx

  2. I love buttons too, I have a box full of them, when I open it I imagine how many things I could do with them. I’m collecting pieces of fabric too, I had planned to sew a quilt for my bed with them in the winter break, but I couldn’t because of arm, maybe if I take few days of in the summer I can do it. I love your little pillow!

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  4. this kind of craft, stitching, crochet, knitting is something that eludes me, and I often wonder if I should start, as it seems to bring much joy to others!

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