Some Mondays

Today was one of those days

when my face forgot to wake up.

When my limbs knew what to do,

but my head had made other plans.

It was a day when

words couldn’t be found

to place in sentences

and my eyes refused to focus.

When cooking dinner

almost broke me

and the after dinner carnage

nearly made me weep.

Some Mondays feel like this,

but once I get the momentum going,

it’s wagons roll until Friday…fingers crossed.

{on the plus side, we have full bellies and my husband is clearing up the carnage}

We all have these days, right? Is it time for bed yet?

#celebratingdailiness {the good, the bad and the ugly} with Amanda from The Habit of Being.


8 Replies to “”

  1. We absolutely all have days like these – hope an early night is on the cards and your body and mind are a little more in sync tomorrow xx

  2. I totally hear you! Yes, I’m sure we all have those days. Take care of yourself. You know best what you have to do to nurture yourself. xx

    And I love your poem by the way 🙂

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