L a t e l y…there has been much talk of exams in our house. Little niggles of worry worming their way into conversations. I offer soothing words and help (I think I would be more of a hindrance though) and they are acknowledged and appreciated.

School has suddenly become a little more serious and I know how well my boy wants to do. He has a plan you see (this amazes me, as I still don’t really know what I want to be) and it involves music and college and university…it sounds wonderful.

But, like all plans, in between the place you are and the place you want to be,¬†there are always a few obstacles. However, this not being my plan, it is so hard to help. I can’t do the studying, take the exams; I can only be there on the sidelines cheering him on, offering sustenance, an ear to vent into, be a revision buddy, a giver of cuddles…his anchor.

Joining in with prompts from writealm…responding to January 3rd’s prompt ‘cornerstone’.

Frosted leaves




Just an ordinary day, getting ready for the back to work/back to school routine and not particularly wanting to do any of it…digging deep today with a head cold and not much will.¬†However, venturing out for a bit of fresh air in the garden felt good and the camera came too…frosted leaves are so pretty.

Enjoying the little things.


The minutes and the hours

Warm Toast with raspberry jam

Warm toast with raspberry jam, listening to the wind, a cuddle from my still sleep-drenched son, that good cup of tea, the golden light on the dining room wall, a smile…these are the things I want to remember.

So quick go the minutes and the hours; turning, before we know it, into years. Little sparks of magic, all too easily forgotten in the daily ‘doing’, but oh so wonderful.

These moments are what I want to hold in my heart…I will write them so they never vanish, I will write them to never forget.

Writing along with January prompts from writealm.

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