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As this year comes to an end and another waits in the wings, I have been thinking, as many of us do, what will 2015 hold? The answer is, I don’t know, none of us do really. We can set goals, and that’s a good thing. We can have dreams, even better, but we never really know what the future holds. This year, for me, has thrown up many unexpected things, some truly wonderful and some not so much, such is life.

So, after much soul-searching (and reading this lovely blog post) I have decided there will be no resolutions for 2015, just the addition of a word, one I want to weave gently through this coming year…quietude.

I know all too well my own faults; I am a worrier and can also be a little too quick to react, so I want 2015 to be different, I want a little peace in my life. I want the knot, two often in my stomach, to unravel, the clenching of my teeth to ease.

Don’t get me wrong there are many moments of pure joy in my life, time with my family, friends and alone but too much of this year has been spent worrying or reacting badly to situations and I will not allow this coming year to be a repeat. Time to get weaving!

What do you want from the new year?

Heartfelt thanks to you for visiting my little space and for your support in 2014 and I wish you much  h a p p i n e s s  and  q u i e t u d e  for the coming year x

A huge thank you also to Amanda at Writealm for so many wonderful prompts throughout the year and for your encouragement x


8 Replies to “Quietude”

  1. I love your word, and the meaning behind it, and look forward to hearing about your upcoming year. We have a FB group for our words, which we began in 2014. It’s some of us WriteALM folks, and others from the Twitter community. Let me know if you want a FB invite. XO

    I am still oscillating between two words, but hope to nail my choice down today. XO

    1. Thank you Angie, the word I have chosen fits in so well with what I want next year to be, this year has been hard, a bit of a blur to be honest with one thing and another.

      I am sure you will choose the right word for you. I look forward so much to being with you through the coming year my friend xxx

  2. Hi Jane, quietude is a great word, a difficult one too. I hope you can find quietude in your moments. I don’t make any resolutions either, the life always has some surprise for us, so we need to go with the flow. My word for 2014 is Magic, and I think it has worked a little, for 2015 is Reveal. I love we have met in the virtual world. Happy New Year to you and yours!

    1. Hi, Elizabeth, it is a hard word but something I really need this coming year. I am glad to hear 2014 brought a little magic for you : ) Reveal is a good word and I hope it brings much happiness for 2015.

      So pleased to have met you too, here’s to virtual friendship!! Happy New Year to you and yours xx

    1. Thank you so much Nina, I have enjoyed your writing too! Your passion really shows in your writing. I hope 2015 brings you many wonderful things! xxx

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